Why Great British Nannies?

Great British Nannies is a Nanny, Tutor and Governess agency, specializing in placing experienced, highly skilled, native English-speaking childcare educators into high profile families in the UK, Russia, Dubai, Switzerland, and many other worldwide destinations.

We recruit the most experienced childcare professionals, providing your child with a unique opportunity to become bilingual from an early age and at an accelerated pace, within the stimulating and enjoyable environment created by your Great British Nanny.

We understand that trust is a crucial part of any relationship, especially when your children are involved, and this trust goes both ways – for the Nanny, Governess or Tutor who may decide to relocate to provide your child with this distinctive opportunity, and for you and your family in bringing an educator into your home.

With the importance of this trust in mind, our English and Russian speaking recruitment executives work extensively to ensure that, both you and the Nanny, Governess or Tutor you select are fully compatible. Once the match is made, we provide full care and assistance for both parties, throughout the duration of the contract.

Nanny, Tutor or Governess?

We know that providing the best care and education for your child is a priority, and you can rest assured that a native English-speaking Nanny, Governess or Tutor from Great British Nannies is fully committed to supporting and improving your child’s learning as well as their overall well-being.

Depending on your specific requirements, Great British Nannies provide you with the best-suited educator to help develop and positively influence your child’s bilingual education. The benefits are truly exceptional.

The presence of a native English speaker on a daily or regular basis naturally fast tracks your child’s bilingual learning, through their immersion into the language. As well as learning a second language, your child also has the opportunity to gain a real insight into a different culture and perspective, which further helps to develop their intellectual, social and interpersonal skills. Additionally, as a parent it gives you the peace of mind where you are able to go to work knowing that your children are being cared for and educated in a fun and stimulating environment. Or, perhaps that family holiday? You work hard and holidays are just as important for you as they are your children, having your Nanny, Tutor or Governess alongside you means you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your holiday and enjoy some much deserved you time whilst still enjoying having your children around you knowing that they never need lack attention or fun.

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