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      International Nanny Agency

      Specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas


      International Nanny Agency

      Specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas


      International Nanny Agency

      Specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas

      International Nanny Agency

      Specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas

      International Nanny Agency

      Specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas

      Great British Nannies specialises in the placement of experienced and highly qualified Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the field of childcare, tuition and teaching. Our team will find you native English speaking Nannies, Governesses or Tutors or those of international languages depending on your requirements.

      Why Great British Nannies?

      20+ years experience in Childcare and Recruitment

      With over 20 years combined experience in childcare and recruitment Great British Nannies only hires and collaborates with professionals that have direct experience with recruitment and childcare, including all stages of development from babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. Each member of our team has experience working within a childcare/educational environment and understand that the safety and wellbeing of your children is of most importance to their parents/guardians. Our team ensures they talk personally with each candidate, check their suitability to your requirements and structure and tailor the interview questions to help us identify the most suitable candidate to work within your family.

      More about Our Team

      We listen to your requirements

      Our aim is to listen to the requirements of our clients and registered childcare professionals to ensure we make harmonious placements. We do not take the pushy approach and rather the families and professionals choose each other upon meeting and understanding that they are a good fit for each other. We have received excellent reviews from clients and childcare professionals about our responsiveness an attentiveness to their own needs. Great British Nannies is proud of its employees and does everything we can to ensure each team member grows and thrives within the company. The management at Great British nannies knows that only happy employees are able to provide our clients and nannies the service they deserve.

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      Thorough screening process

      One of our main goals is security of our clients and their families. We make sure that the screening process is as thorough as possible. We take our time to register each candidate.

      Our interviews are as detailed as possible. We collect all necessary documents including IDs, police checks, degree, etc. We try speak to at least three previous references when possible.

      You will only receive a few thoroughly selected candidates that match your requirements as closely as possible. We ensure that you have only the best suitable CVs.

      Countries Worldwide


      Happy Families

      The advantages of hiring an English speaking Nanny

      Amazing Results
      Nannies, governesses and tutors generally spend between 40-50 hours per week with the children they are working with. Due to a complete immersion of a new language and enjoyable learning environment, your child will learn a new language at an accelerated speed. With this intensity, a language can be learnt much faster than the original approach to learning a foreign language.
      Motivated Children
      When your child has the opportunity to learn a foreign language through playing and communicating with a native speaker on interesting topics for the child, the motivation to learn a new language is much higher and they don’t tend to feel as though they are under a lot of pressure as they are enjoying the process in a way that feels more acceptable to them.
      Goodbye to language barriers
      The earlier a child begins to learn a new language with a native speaker, the less likely the child is to form a language barrier. By learning a foreign language from an early age, the child will subconsciously use the same methods as in the study of their native language.
      Learning with professionals
      Whilst learning English with an English nanny or governess, your child is able to learn a new language with an experienced professional and in some cases teacher, however due to this immersion being in a less formal environment it allows your child to feel more confident in their approach to learning, self-expression and development as opposed to a classroom environment where they may feel judged or embarrassed in front of their peers.
      Manners, etiquette and discipline
      During our selection process, we recruit the most professional and experienced nannies, governesses and tutors. You can rest assured that your child will have a great example to follow in terms of a teacher, mentor and friend whereby they will soon begin to imitate the manners, etiquette and discipline of an individual they look up to and respect.
      Entry into international schools and universities
      By learning English or any other language from an early age with a native speaker, children soon become bilingual. Both languages feel  like a native language to the bilingual child if they are exposed to the foreign language for a long enough period of time. The child begins to think and even dream both in their native language, English or other. There is no longer a need to translate words and sentences in their head as they naturally think in their second language. This offers a huge advantage for your child if you are thinking of entering them into an international kindergarten, school, college or university.

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      Overseas Recruitment Specialist

      What type of childcare do you require for your children?

      English Governess


      A Governess is well-educated child carer that works with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

      British Governor


      A Governor is the male equivalent of a Governess, carrying the same duties including working with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

      English Tutor


      A Tutor gives your child personal academic tuition on a variety or single subject to enhance their skills and confidence in the chosen area. Including exam preparation and school/university entry.

      English Nanny


      A nanny works with babies and children up to 8 years old. They take care of all nursery activities, feeding and hygiene for children.

      Maternity Nurse

      Maternity Nurse

      A Maternity Nurse is qualified and experienced to work with mother and baby from birth up to 6 months. Supporting throughout all stages of the baby’s initial development.



      A Manny carries out the same duties as a nanny and works with the same age group. Depending on whether you would prefer a male or female candidate is an individual preference.

      To learn more about each role, click on each window.

      Our Jobs


      British Governess/Tutor for G1 required in Dalian, China – GBN220

      A lovely family residing in Dalian, a modern port city in China, is seeking a British Governess/Tutor for their one year old daughter and to help the mother to learn and improve her English. The family has another nanny to su…


      English-speaking Baby Nanny, Bucharest, Romania – GBN219

      A lovely young Romanian/Mexican family residing in Bucharest, Romania is seeking an experienced and qualified nanny for the care of their first child a baby girl of 5 months. The ideal candidate will have at least three years’ ex…


      Qualified Maternity Nurse for a Newborn Baby, London – GBN218

      A family well-recommended to the agency is seeking a professional, experienced and energetic Maternity Nurse in London from September 8th 2018 till the end of October. The family may wish to extend this into December which will make…


      Native English-speaking Nanny for G4 in Saudi Arabia – GBN211

      A member of the Saudi royal family based in Riyadh is seeking an experienced nanny, preferably with a background in child psychology, for the care of their four year old daughter. The candidate sought is a well-educated and experienced native…

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      Our Blog


      Reasons why working with children is a gift like no other

      It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together. It fills us with delight to place nannies, governesses and tutors with their ideal family in which both parties will be happy and contended. We make it a priority to ensure that each candidate’s skillset and expertise will be utilised to its full potential, allowing the candidate to feel fulfilled within their role of educator and caregiver. 


      Importance of encouraging children to be open-minded

      In today’s world we are lucky enough to learn about and connect with other cultures and ways of life so freely.  Social media has allowed us to understand new perspectives and outlooks in abundance.  As important as it is to limit screen time for our children, it’s also vital that we allow children to connect with the positive aspects of social media to broaden their minds and horizons.


      How to become a great British nanny?

      So you’ve seen the fabulous positions available on our website and perhaps had never been aware of the fabulous salary that comes with being a nanny for a high profile family. Having worked many years before as an Au Pair in Spain I was in disbelief when I saw the benefits package available for nannies looking to work in Russia, the Middle East and beyond.

      nanny in moscow

      Nannying in Moscow

      We spoke to former British nanny Julia about her experience as a nanny working for a V.I.P family in Moscow. Please read in our blog post how much she loved living in Moscow, about her expectations and challenges she had to overcome.


      Experienced Nanny for a 2 year old girl, Belgravia – GBN215

      A family residing in Belgravia, London is seeking a professional and experienced nanny for the care of their 2 year old daughter. The ideal candidate will be seeking a full-time and permanent role that is flexible around the needs of the family…


      Important Reminder for Your Children during Exam Season

      Right now, at this very moment, there are millions of children all over the world who are preparing for exams.  Many of which will be feeling nervous about the impending scrutiny of their abilities. Read an inspirational letter of a Singapore principle to help you deal with stress and pressure.


      Being a Nanny for an amazing family rocks

      Read a letter from a Nanny where she shares her amazing experience and how much easier her job is just because she feels appreciated by her employers.

      benefits of play

      Five Benefits of Play with Children

      There is a power in playtime that perhaps has been previously overlooked. It may look like leisure time, but when children are building dens, fighting imaginary monsters or playing house, they’re actually developing important life skills — and preparing their brains for the challenges of adulthood.

      adapting nanny

      Tips for adapting to life as a Nanny

      So you’ve just touched down in a foreign country which perhaps you’ve never visited before. Everything your eyes are seeing is new; perhaps you’re feeling a range of emotions you’ve never felt before. All these changes are heightened by the fact that you are alone, and let’s face it; it’s a scary situation to be in.

      child nature

      Gardening for Children – nurture your child with nature

      Children love to get mucky in the garden and explore the nature around them. Now that the warmer weather is on its way, it’s the perfect time to take playtime outdoors and get those green fingers in the soil. Read our tips to get you started!

      toddler sleep tips

      Five tips for helping your toddler to sleep

      Toddler sleep problems are very common and it can all add up to many frustrating and exhausting nights. Fortunately, there are many solutions that will help to get your little one to sleep. Follow these 5 top tips and soon you’ll both be sleeping like a baby.


      Real Importance of a Routine for Children

      When it comes to raising children, everyone will have their own wisdom to share. One practice that is shared by a lot of parents is the maintaining of a good routine for children.

      baby weaning

      Baby-Led Weaning vs. Traditional-Led Weaning

      One of the most topical subject matters in the world of parenting is whether you should opt for baby-led weaning, or traditional weaning.


      5 Reasons why Children should be left to Play Alone

      When it comes to children, there’s often no shortage of others to play with. However, there are several benefits in ensuring your child can play alone at times.

      governess moscow

      Being a Governess in Russia

      If you are thinking about applying for a Governess/Governor/Nanny/Manny position in Russia but are unsure then read on. Hopefully I can convince you it’s worth doing.


      Ten Lifehacks for Parenting

      Regardless how many children we have, the job never gets easier. It’s a role we embrace, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it easier when possible.


      Teaching Your Children Healthy Eating Habits

      The eating habits of our children can be a constant worry. Not only can they be fickle eaters, but they can also be drawn towards fast food and sweets.


      Is Your Child Being Bullied? Looking for Signs and Finding a Resolution

      Bullying is something that many endure at some point in their life, and often, it can occur during childhood. What to do if it happens to your child?


      How to help someone through postnatal depression

      Having a baby is one of the best times of your life. But what to do if the joy that come along with a new baby can be overshadowed by other feelings?


      Things to consider when raising multiples

      Being a parent of multiples can be demanding. And the prospect of raising more than one child at a time can be worrying and overwhelming. What to do?

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