International Nanny Agency, specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas.


International Nanny Agency, specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas.


International Nanny Agency, specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas.


International Nanny Agency, specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas.


International Nanny Agency, specialists in placing qualified and experienced Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the UK and Overseas.

Great British Nannies specialises in the placement of experienced and highly qualified Nannies, Governesses and Tutors in the field of childcare, tuition and teaching. Our team will find you native English speaking Nannies, Governesses or Tutors or those of international languages depending on your requirements.

Why Great British Nannies?

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20+ years experience in Childcare and Recruitment

With over 20 years combined experience in childcare and recruitment Great British Nannies only hires and collaborates with professionals that have direct experience with recruitment and childcare, including all stages of development from babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. Each member of our team has experience working within a childcare/educational environment and understand that the safety and wellbeing of your children is of most importance to their parents/guardians. Our team ensures they talk personally with each candidate, check their suitability to your requirements and structure and tailor the interview questions to help us identify the most suitable candidate to work within your family.

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We listen to your requirements

Our aim is to listen to the requirements of our clients and registered childcare professionals to ensure we make harmonious placements. We do not take the pushy approach and rather the families and professionals choose each other upon meeting and understanding that they are a good fit for each other. We have received excellent reviews from clients and childcare professionals about our responsiveness an attentiveness to their own needs. Great British Nannies is proud of its employees and does everything we can to ensure each team member grows and thrives within the company. The management at Great British nannies knows that only happy employees are able to provide our clients and nannies the service they deserve.

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Affordable and fair agency fees

Great British Nannies aspires to make our services fair and affordable within our market place for our clients. Due to continuing to analyse our expenses and optimisation we are able to offer some of the most competitive agency fees on the market. We don’t believe that charging the highest fees equates to the level of service a client receives. In times of worldwide financial difficulties, we set ourselves an aim, to provide you with high quality services at a reasonable price. If you do find better rates, let one of our specialists know and we can discuss the possibility of price matching.

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Looking for a nanny, governess or tutor for your child?

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Request a Nanny, Governess or Tutor

Great British Nannies is a Nanny, Tutor and Governess agency, specializing in placing experienced, highly skilled, native English-speaking childcare educators into families in the UK, Russia, Dubai, Switzerland, France, India, Turkey and many other worldwide destinations. Including but not limited to high-profile families. We recruit the most experienced childcare professionals, providing your child with a unique opportunity to become bilingual from an early age and at an accelerated pace, within the stimulating and enjoyable environment created by your Great British Nanny. We understand that trust is a crucial part of any relationship, especially when your children are involved, and this trust goes both ways – for the Nanny, Governess or Tutor who may decide to relocate to provide your child with this distinctive opportunity, and for you and your family in bringing an educator into your home.

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Request a callback

If you haven’t yet decided whether to hire a nanny, governess or tutor. Or if you are considering hiring a native English speaking educator and require more information and details before making a final decision our team is happy to offer you some more information about the recruitment process, hiring a nanny and the benefits that you can expect should you decide to hire a nanny, governess or tutor.

Why hire a Great British/English Nanny Agency?

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The advantages of hiring an English or French speaking Nanny

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Amazing Results

Nannies, governesses and tutors generally spend between 40-50 hours per week with the children they are working with. Due to a complete immersion of a new language and enjoyable learning environment, your child will learn a new language at an accelerated speed. With this intensity, a language can be learnt much faster than the original approach to learning a foreign language.

Motivated Children
When your child has the opportunity to learn a foreign language through playing and communicating with a native speaker on interesting topics for the child, the motivation to learn a new language is much higher and they don’t tend to feel as though they are under a lot of pressure as they are enjoying the process in a way that feels more acceptable to them.
Goodbye to language barriers

The earlier a child begins to learn a new language with a native speaker, the less likely the child is to form a language barrier. By learning a foreign language from an early age, the child will subconsciously use the same methods as in the study of their native language.

Learning with professionals
Whilst learning English with an English nanny or governess, your child is able to learn a new language with an experienced professional and in some cases teacher, however due to this immersion being in a less formal environment it allows your child to feel more confident in their approach to learning, self-expression and development as opposed to a classroom environment where they may feel judged or embarrassed in front of their peers.
Manners, etiquette and discipline
During our selection process, we recruit the most professional and experienced nannies, governesses and tutors. You can rest assured that your child will have a great example to follow in terms of a teacher, mentor and friend whereby they will soon begin to imitate the manners, etiquette and discipline of an individual they look up to and respect.
Entry into international schools and universities
By learning English or any other language from an early age with a native speaker, children soon become bilingual. Both languages feel  like a native language to the bilingual child if they are exposed to the foreign language for a long enough period of time. The child begins to think and even dream both in their native language, English or other. There is no longer a need to translate words and sentences in their head as they naturally think in their second language. This offers a huge advantage for your child if you are thinking of entering them into an international kindergarten, school, college or university.

Team GBN

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Russian Recruitment Specialist



Overseas Recruitment Specialist

What type of childcare do you require for your children?

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English Governess


A Governess is well-educated child carer that works with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

British Governor


A Governor is the male equivalent of a Governess, carrying the same duties including working with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

English Tutor


A Tutor gives your child personal academic tuition on a variety or single subject to enhance their skills and confidence in the chosen area. Including exam preparation and school/university entry.

English Nanny


A nanny works with babies and children up to 8 years old. They take care of all nursery activities, feeding and hygiene for children.

Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse is qualified and experienced to work with mother and baby from birth up to 6 months. Supporting throughout all stages of the baby’s initial development.



A Manny carries out the same duties as a nanny and works with the same age group. Depending on whether you would prefer a male or female candidate is an individual preference.

To learn more about each role, click on each window.


English Nanny

Josephine V.

Cleo and Great British Nannies have provided us with an excellent service. Having looked at another agency, I went with Cleo because she took the time to understand my requirements, my family environment and me as a person to place the right kind of nanny with us. She is extremely dedicated and efficient and I was able to put my trust in her wholeheartedly to enable her to place a nanny that was an excellent fit into our family.

Reena T.

I came to GBN seeking a governess position. I found Cleo both professional and friendly and a lady who was easily accessible. She is organised and direct and gave consideration to my thoughts and needs. A very easy and comfortable company to deal with which also extends to Cleo’s staff. I would be pleased to work with GBN again in the future.

Stephen S.

Writing this on behalf of my girlfriends Russian parents who sourced their live in nanny based in Moscow through this company. Her two younger siblings out grew the need for a nanny and recently parted company with her but she did the family proud and leaves behind two fluent English speaking children and memories they will cherish for years to come.

Katerina W.

Thank you Great British Nannies for my wonderful nanny, going back to work and leaving my little one after 9 months was so difficult but the whole experience with your agency made it all so much easier for me and baby.  GBN were flexible with my needs, very responsive reasonably priced and highly professional throughout.

All round excellent nanny agency!

Alex L.

I am so grateful to Cleo and the team. They were so helpful and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Laura T.

Having decided I was interested in pursuing a position as a governess, I began the daunting process of trying to find a job. Trawling the internet and reading job advertisements, I faced a number of problems. Were the websites legitimate? If I did make contact with an agency I was met with the usual generic emails or would conduct a Skype interview only to receive no feedback at all! It was frustrating to say the least. That is why I was so pleased when Great British Nannies got in touch with me. From the very first email their service has been simultaneously professional and reassuringly friendly.

While moving to a new country for an amazing job is undoubtedly an exciting opportunity, it can also be a stressful one. The staff at Great British Nannies really seem to appreciate this and their attention to detail has made the whole recruitment process easy. From interview preparation to updating you on the progress of your job hunt, Great British Nannies has helped every step of the way. No question or worry has been too small, and Cleo has been on hand to help at all times.

To anyone considering a governess or nanny position, I cannot recommend Cleo and her team highly enough!

Shane M.

I enlisted the help of Cleo during a governor/governess search for the Principals I work for. We were in need of an outstanding candidate who could mentor our nannies and who could be a role model for the children; someone who would understand borders and discretion, would be a consummate professional, but at the same time be a warm and friendly presence. We did not only want an expert, we also wanted someone who could be a pleasure to have in the home. Cleo provided me with a range of excellent candidates, all quite different from each other, but each outstanding in their own way. I found Cleo to be an attentive listener. She was quick and efficient and did not waste my time. She understood exactly what I wanted and presented me with it. Refined and genuine, with a great attention to detail, she was always on target with me. Her work is of the highest standard. I recommend her without reservation.

Valerie W.

Very dedicated team and super professional service. Found an excellent nanny through their hard work.

Sirinta S.

Great British Nannies has been very helpful in finding me a suitable position. They were brilliant from the start, the application process was fast. Irina has responded to all my email very quickly, Elena was very friendly during the registration interview. Cleo was so helpful in helping me secure a job with a lovely family and she continues to support me after I started working. I would recommend anyone who is looking for work as a nanny to use this agency. It has been a wonderful experience, I could not ask for more.

Montana T.

After finding the perfect job on the GBN website one evening I applied straight away. I received a reply the next day and the process started. Both Cleo and Irina were in contact each step of the way and got me through everything as quickly as possible. They were both extremely quick to reply to emails and made the whole process very easy and stress free. I later got to meet the family and was so happy to be offered the job! I would recommend these guys to anyone either searching for a job or to families that are looking for their perfect nanny.
Rasha F.

Cleo and Great British Nannies have been more than amazing. I contacted them wanting a nannie in a very short period and my requirements were very specific. They replied swiftly and provided me with a few CVs that were all very good and hard to choose from. After choosing the Candidate, Cleo was very helpful and things went very smoothly and quick. When I arrived in london The Nannie Ayaan was pure perfection. She was there to take care of my two children (1.5yrs and 3.5yrs) and my nephew (8yrs) and she did an amazing job despite the major age difference between the children. Cleo has really provided me with the Nannie I need with the exact requirements I had provided to her. The whole experience from A to Z was really perfect and went very very well. I truly recommend GBN.

Jasmine D.

Cleo was absolutely incredible. She found us an amazing nanny who fit our criteria exactly! Her follow up was great and the effort made from Great British Nannies will ensure I use this agency in the future and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting excellent personal service! Thank you!

Caralyn B.

Cleo was absolutely amazing with me, she kept up with all of my emails, questions and messages. After applying for a suitable job, Cleo quickly arranged an interview time with me and after the client got in touch the following week I was given the job. I am super excited but also very happy that it was such a fast process and they match clients well with interviewees unlike other agencies I know of. Interview was a really relaxed and enjoyable experience and not like most that are more formal, as for a nannying role I believe it is to be happy and relaxed to get to know the character of the candidate. They interviewed me before I met any client in order to make sure I was a suitable candidate which I though was superb and helpful and also give me full insight to the family and needs.

Ayaan O.

Great British Nannies are an incredible team who care very much about their staff and work well to find the perfect fit between nannies and families. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sinéad B.

I have recently been placed in my current my role by Cleo and I am so happy that I chose to work with Great British Nannies. Aside from the role being an excellent fit, I have been continuously greeted with respect and professionalism. Cleo is prompt, reliable yet down to earth, genuinely cares about the clients and the candidates. I can wholeheartedly recommend Great British Nannies and I would return again without a doubt should I wish to find another wonderful family. Thank you, Cleo!

Amandine B.

I highly recommend the Great British Nannies agency, as its amazing team provides high-quality services for both the families and candidates. I want to thank Cleo and Irina for their incredible work and professional attitude. Within 2 weeks, Cleo (one of the most friendly person I ever met) found me a governess role in a Russian VIP family. I am so grateful that she and Irina always took the time to listen and answer to my questions, that they gave me some precious advice and were communicating every piece of information very fast. I am also happy that we could establish mutual trust from the start!

Kevin G.

Great British Nannies is a professional and reliable company. It’s clear that Cleo has strong values and an excellent work ethic. Cleo has always been fast to respond to emails, on time for meetings and honest in her methods. GBN has some fantastic roles available, I really hope to be placed by GBN in the future. Thanks for everything folks, you’re a great team. Kevin- Governor.

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