10 best attributes of an excellent nanny !


December, 2021

Trusting someone to look after your children is a huge deal, our children are our entire world. Enlisting the help of a care provider can be absolutely terrifying. Especially if you’re not sure where to begin. Here at Great British Nannies, we like to make sure all of our Nannies exceed expectations and provide the best possible care for your family. Here are just some of the best attributes of an excellent nanny, so you may have an idea of what to look out for during the hiring process.

1.Love of children. Most obvious, you want someone who genuinely loves children. Having the experience and proper education is just as important; but it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t enjoy children, as they’d simply be a terrible caregiver. Having a caregiver who genuinely enjoys children and making a difference to their lives, makes all the difference for a happy experience and placement for all members of the arrangement.

2.Patience. An excellent nanny knows how to be patient with the children. Many nannies work with young children who are still learning, so patience is extremely important. We all know how challenging children can be when testing their limits; having a nanny who is understanding and patient will take away any added stress to these moments.

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3.Punctual. Families rely on their nannies to watch their children so they can go to work or run errands etc. Punctuality is vital to the job and throughout the day; as your nanny takes your child to school or clubs, they must be on time and reliable.

4.Advocate. An excellent nanny will advocate for the children in their care. They will speak up and ensure everything being done in the child’s best interest at school and at home. Whilst always remembering that the parents have the final say.

5.Responsible. Naturally as parents, we want someone who is responsible when caring for our little ones. Someone who can ensure all of their needs are being met. Your nanny will be responsible for many decisions surrounding your children so you’ll need someone who is able to provide that.

6.Creative. Nannies need to be able to create engaging and fun activities to keep the children entertained. They also need to be able to think on the spot. For example, when the kids are up to mischief and the nanny must come up with fun distractions to keep everyone on task. Having a creative nanny will be way more fun for the children and will help with overall development skills.

7.Common sense. Your nanny will be making vital choices when it comes down to your children’s health and safety throughout their day. You want someone who can assist in emergencies and decide the best way forward. Also, someone who can use their common sense to decide what is the best way to deal with messes or unexpected chaos.

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8.Enthusiastic. Nannies work long and unpredictable days. For some, that can cause them to be miserable within their job. However, for those who remain enthusiastic about working with children, their excitement and passion will shine and they will be a nanny your children love spending time with.

9.Flexible. Working with children is unpredictable, anything can happen. It simply means as a nanny they have to be flexible and able to adjust to any and all case scenarios. Nannying doesn’t always come with a 9-5 contract. This is often why parents choose nannies over other childcare services. Nannies who are flexible in their contract and working hours tend to be more successful overall.

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10.Communication skills. Finally, the communication between nannies and the family they’re working for is everything. A successful pairing has open ended communication between the two. Search for a nanny who is comfortable with asking questions on topics they are unsure of when it comes to your children or instructions. You need a nanny who regularly shares updates and any other important information about your children. Having a good relationship with your nanny will make a happy long-term pairing!

We hope this post helps you with narrowing down what to look for in your search for the perfect nanny! Great British Nannies can also assist you with your search, just contact us here. If you are unsure on if a nanny is for you, you can check out our other informative post all about nannies or read up on the benefits of a babysitter instead.

If you are interested in becoming a nanny, you can learn all about that here! Let us know what you believe is an attribute of an excellent nanny below!


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