10 top tips for new parents!


December, 2021

Becoming a parent for the first time may be daunting. You’re stepping into new territory and facing the great unknown. It is a fact that new parents take to parenthood like a duck to water, maternal instincts kick in and the years fly by. It definitely isn’t easy, we’d be lying to say it is plain sailing; but it is magical, wonderful and so special. Taking your newborn home from the hospital is a feeling unlike any other. Your future, your everything is right there in your arms. To make things a little easier, we decided to share our top ten tips for first time parents. Buckle in, because we’re going to give you the full truth- no sugar coating it here.

1.Join some parent groups. There are plenty online on facebook or other forums. Definitely try and attend some baby groups when you’re feeling ready. It can really help lift your mood and get you out of the house. Not only will you meet people in similar situations, you’ll meet a whole new community of parents. Maybe even make some new friends. It’s always lovely to surround yourself with people who understand.

2.Trust yourself. This might be the single most important advice. New parents often receive an influx of unwanted advice from relatives, friends and even random strangers in the street. Remember, you don’t have to listen. YOU are the parent, and only YOU know what is best for your bundle of joy. Trust yourself and trust your instinct.

3.Accept the help offered. People will be rushing to meet your new bundle of joy, they’ll offer to cuddle them whilst you have a shower or even tidy your home a bit. Say yes; You need time to recover from birth. If someone decides they want to help, you should definitely take them up on their offer. Don’t feel ashamed or guilty for accepting the support.

new baby

4.Try to sleep when the baby sleeps. You will need as much rest as possible in the first few weeks. Remember you have just delivered a whole human and your body is still recovering. You’re adjusting to the new routine and broken sleep. It may seem like the perfect time to get some dishes washed or some ironing donebut all of that can wait. You need sleep. Trust us, you’ll feel much better for it!

5.Don’t worry about cleaning up for guests. When the baby comes, people will be queuing to come meet them and see how you’re doing. They aren’t coming to see the house, they won’t care if there are a pile of dishes in the sink or a random sock in the middle of the floor. You never know, they may even offer to do it for you and give you that extra time to catch up on some much needed rest.

6.Forgive yourself. Every parent makes mistakes. Every parent has accidents. It is okay. It doesn’t make you a terrible parent, it makes you human. Nobody is a perfect. Even the experts don’t agree and everybody does things differently. Don’t beat yourself up about them.

7.Remember who you are. You aren’t just Mum and Dad, you’re still you. Try and take some time to do something for you. Whether it is curling your hair as you would pre-baby or going for a baby free catch up with a friend for an hour. These little moments will uplift you, rejuvenate you, and help with your mood. Believe it or not, this will also help babies as they can pick up on your emotions very easily! Happy parents’ equal happy baby. So don’t ever feel guilty for needing some alone time.


8.Have a supply of baby stuff everywhere! Babies bedroom, living room and in the car. This saves you from rushing around like a headless chicken in those disastrous poop-explosions moments. They happen to everyone. Having a backup supply of nappies, clothes, etc. in the car is handy for if you forget something in your baby changer. Again, we’ve all forgotten at one point or another.

9.Take photos together. You may not feel up to it, you may think you look awful from the restless nights and days spent in the same pyjamas, but in the future you will be grateful to have them to look back on. Take those off guard photos of your partner and baby. Snap away every moment because soon the moment will be over and it’ll be nothing but a memory.

arrival new sibling

10.Live in the moment. Your to do lists can wait. Next week is happening next week. Live today, in the moment. Cuddle your baby and take it all in. hey don’t stay this little forever, enjoy every moment possible. The one thing all parents will agree on and any parent will ever tell you is how fast the years fly by.

We hope this helps you out a little bit. Don’t be afraid of doing things your way. Reach out to us in the comments and let us know any other advice you found useful that you’ve read. Below are a few more of our posts that may help you navigate parenthood! Best of luck in your new journey!

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