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      5 Reasons why Children should be left to Play Alone
      October, 2017
      When it comes to children, there’s often no shortage of others to play with. Be it siblings, friends or parents themselves, you can be sure that children are rarely seeking attention. However, there are several benefits in ensuring your child can play alone at times. While we need to ensure that the child is never completely isolated from their peers, a well-balanced play schedule ensures that children learn some life skills that make them a more well-rounded individual overall.
      1. Playing Alone Teaches Children Independence
      While interacting with others should be encouraged, it’s also important to teach children that there won’t always be someone there when it comes to companionship. Playing alone allows children to make use of their own time without having to rely on others, giving them a stronger sense of independence. It also ensures that there are fewer instances of boredom as children will adapt and create their own fun.
      2. Playing Alone Can Calm Children
      Regardless of whether they’ve become too excited while playing with others, or have had an upsetting day, having time to play alone allows them some personal space to allow them to wind down. With no one in sight to antagonise or excite them, children will come into their own and be in a much calmer state of mind as a result.

      Of course, there will be times when children playing alone do become frustrated, but the quiet environment will mean that they are able to deal with the problem calmly as opposed to lashing out at others.

      3. Elevates Their Imagination
      Playing alone allows your child to really explore their mind and come up with fun and exciting scenarios. While there can be exciting aspects of video games and television, a child’s imagination has no limits. Not only does this allow children to come up with their own magical environment where anything is possible, but also nurtures their creative side, which can come in useful later in life.
      4. Children Become Better Learners
      There are certain activities that can hinder how children learn, but playing alone isn’t one of them. Children who play alone are more likely to have better emotional regulation, which is linked to better mental health and higher success during their time in school. Independent play will also encourage further skill development which can only benefit children moving forward.
      5. Build Self-Confidence
      Confidence is one of the vehicles that can take us far in life, and the sooner we’re able to build confidence, the sooner we see the benefits. Children who have time alone will be in a better position to try out new ideas while challenging themselves. Should there be some instances where something doesn’t go to plan, then children are able to build upon their problem-solving skills to come up with a solution.
      Spending time with friends and family is an important part of a child’s life, but it’s important to balance this with some alone time to help ensure that children can work on all their skills emotions, meaning they’re better prepared to deal with many different scenarios.

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