Who are they?

A Manny is responsible for your child’s wellbeing while they are on duty. Your Manny will plan and organize daily and/or weekly activities both in and out of the home, depending on your personal requirements, to support your child’s learning and development. Your Manny will contribute to your child’s intellectual, physical and emotional development, while also providing them with the opportunity to quickly learn a second language, should this be a requirement.

Mannies offer sole charge or proxy parenting as well as working alongside you as parents, depending on your preferences. A Manny is often responsible for all nursery duties, cooking, and cleaning the rooms of the children they care for, however they do not usually partake in any other housekeeping duties. Mannies are the male equivalent to Nannies and would carry out all of the same duties.

Duties of a Manny

Caring for newborns up to school aged children
Mannies are employed to assist parents with the care of their children from birth right through to school aged children.
Carry out all nursery duties
Mannies carry out all nursery duties related to the children, including feeding, bathing, dressing, keeping their play areas tidy, assisting with building routine and supporting the parent’s.
Organise age appropriate activities
Mannies are responsible for organising all age appropriate activities that can stimulate the child including indoor and outdoor activities and arranging playdates.
Assist with homework for school aged children
Mannies can be expected to assist with basic homework tasks for school aged children as well as help the children to improve reading, writing and speaking skills instilling confidence in their ability.
Create a positive and happy environment
Mannies will provide your child with love and comfort, routine and good manners for the parents to feel at ease whilst they are otherwise engaged.

Working hours of a Manny

There are no set working hours for a Manny as each family tends to have a schedule that is more appropriate to their needs depending on their working hours and personal life. Mannies generally work between 40-50 hours per week over a period of 5-6 days. However, for some families and Mannies a rota schedule is more preferable, whereby the Manny will work for a certain period of time on and then a certain period of time off. This is more common overseas whereby families have a native English speaking Manny for two weeks and a native tongue nanny for two weeks so that the child’s language development is consistent in both languages.

Salary of a Manny

In the UK
In the UK a manny earns on average £10-£12 NET per hour. Family is responsible for taxes. More information can be found on
In other countries like Russia, USA, UAE, etc. a manny earns from £800 NET per week up to – £1400 NET per week, depending on hours, experience, qualifications and employment longevity.

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Types of childcare specialists

English Governess


A Governess is well-educated child carer that works with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

British Governor


A Governor is the male equivalent of a Governess, carrying the same duties including working with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

English Tutor


A Tutor gives your child personal academic tuition on a variety or single subject to enhance their skills and confidence in the chosen area. Including exam preparation and school/university entry.

English Nanny


A nanny works with babies and children up to 8 years old. They take care of all nursery activities, feeding and hygiene for children.

Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse is qualified and experienced to work with mother and baby from birth up to 6 months. Supporting throughout all stages of the baby’s initial development.



A Manny carries out the same duties as a nanny and works with the same age group. Depending on whether you would prefer a male or female candidate is an individual preference.


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