Autumnal Bucket List 2022


October, 2022

If Starbucks has started selling pumpkin spice lattes, we can start talking about Halloween! Sometimes it can be quite tricky to plan what to do in the colder months, in the Summer with the nicer weather the possibilities seem endless. As it gets colder and wetter, people are less likely to go to the zoo or take trips to the park but here are some fun indoor and outdoor ideas to get you into the mood!

Harry Potter movie marathon (obviously)

Once Autumn and Winter start it is time to stick Harry Potter on, the films often have Halloween and Christmas making them feel festive. For a lot of people, Harry Potter is home. It reminds people of their childhood, spending Christmas with their family and now as adults- spending it with our own children.

harry potter
pumpkin patch

    Pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving

    Is it even Autumn if you don’t visit a pumpkin patch, get cute photos for Instagram and struggle to carve the pumpkin? An alternative to carving which has grown in popularity in recent years is to paint them instead! You can do lots of sweet Halloween designs with paint, without the hard labour that comes with cutting a pumpkin. Why not use glow in the dark paint so they still light up in the dark?

    Autumn baking 

    Baking is always fun, especially around Halloween time. The creative possibilities are endless. Personally, we like to bake biscuits, we follow the same recipe every time (here) and use our favourite Halloween cookie cutter shapes. You can find many affordable ones on eBay. We love to use all the spooky festive colours such as orange, green and purple. Sometimes we use edible glitter too and edible icing eyes to make it extra spooky.

    halloween baking

    Firework displays 

    Fireworks are one of the most magical things about this time of year. They’re so beautiful and vibrant, it’s almost surreal seeing them light up the night sky. So bundle up warm, get your toffee apples and go to your local bonfire night.





    Autumn walks

    Wrapped up warm in thick coats, woolly hats and gloves and walking around as the autumn leaves fall, what could be more perfect? Your little ones can collect leaves to stick on some paper or use as stamps with some paint. The possibilities are endless! You could even create an ‘Autumn walk’ checklist and make it even more fun.

    autumn walk

    What do you and your family do during the colder months? Let us know in the comments or over on Instagram! We would love to hear from you and add to our autumn do to list.


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