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      Read about nanny life, tips for parenting and childcarers, and more.

      School holiday activities

      Looking for interesting, fun and creative ideas to keep your children busy and enjoying themselves throughout the school holidays? Look no further.

      12 attributes of a great Nanny!

      Trying to find yourself a great nanny for your children, not sure where to start? Here’s a helpful list of things for you to consider when hiring a nanny.

      Myths about being bilingual

      Some common myths about the effect of knowing and learning new languages from first hand experience of a polyglot that speaks four languages fluently.

      How to write a Nanny CV

      It’s round about that time to update my CV. What is it about talking about ourselves that makes this part of our professional lives so challenging?

      Yoga for calmer parenting or nannying

      We’ve all had those days where by 3pm we’re counting the hours until backup arrives. Where we’ve had to take ourselves off for a little time out where the kids can’t find us for 5 whole minutes because we’re about to LOSE IT.

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