Brave Mama finding her passion when it most mattered for her family


September, 2019

Here is our guest blog by Nicola Reilly. Nicola shares how mummy of two, soon to be three found her passion when she most needed to. Her husband had been made redundant and as she was pregnant at the time she decided that her family would rise above this. What an inspiring being.

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I’m Nicola, a wife, a mum of two (soon to be three), a mentor, owner of a thriving business and a proud owner of my newly found self-belief. 

“How do you do what you do?”

“Where do you find the time?”

“I couldn’t do what you do, you’re so confident! I just don’t have what it takes”

The list goes on, but here’s the thing, all the answers to your dreams lie within you and only you.

Let me break it down for you, from the very start. 

Almost four years ago now in 2015, I ventured out on my own and set up a cosmetics and skincare business. I was almost forced into it, actually, I didn’t really know much about cosmetics, all I knew was that I used them, most women used them and that we as a family were in a terrible place financially. 

I was seven and a half months pregnant with my second child and my husband was about to be made redundant leaving us with barely anything to live on.

Not long before all of this, we had bought our first house and even started the renovations. Our first born, our son was aged just nineteen months at the time and we had baby number two on the way. It was safe to say that we needed additional income and financial stability. Being so heavily pregnant I wasn’t in the position to go out and find a new job. I suppose the uncertainty and stress surrounding how we were going to get by and wanting to support my husband and family gave me a push in the direction I will never regret. Something that has brought us happiness and more importantly stability. 

I set out to find myself a way to generate an income working from home, whereby I could concentrate on my family whilst providing for them too.

During that time I was spending time online looking for something that I felt drawn towards and that I could become passionate about. I came across a few social media based businesses, and there it was, I was absolutely sold, the product that was going to help our family. I didn’t need to think any longer, I decided to jump in and give it my all. For an initial start up cost of £69 which we didn’t have spare at the time, I just decided I would put it on the credit card and the fire in my belly told me I knew I’d be able to pay it back in no time. An online cosmetics company, I could definitely do this. Guess what? Within three weeks I had earned enough in commission to pay the outlay back and had extra for boring stuff like bills! I was also, well on my way to my third company promotion. I had found what I’d been looking for and so much more. Every cloud has a silver lining and this was mine!

Not only was I taking the pressure off my husband financially but I had stumbled across something that totally lit up my soul. I was showing people products and promoting the business at the same time, but it was so much more than that. I’ve always loved people and I was really starting to enjoy the other side to my role. I was able to help people with their confidence and overcoming their lifetime struggles with cosmetics. I was learning so much at the same time because I had a passion for helping people overcome their insecurities. I knew these feelings only too well, so my empathy was at an all time high!

“I really struggle with confidence due to my acne, I would love to have something that covers it or better still, improves it” 

“I don’t wear makeup because I can never find the right colours” 

“I can’t stand the thought of anyone seeing me without makeup” 

The list could go on and on. I quickly realised not only was I becoming more confident at what I was doing but I was continuously assisting with the confidence of my clients. It wasn’t all about the makeup and earning the commission anymore. I wanted to share a positive message, by showing them there are ways to feel beautiful and there is no shame in loving the skin that they are in with or without makeup.

This was like a bug for me, a total addiction. Getting to know people, building relationships with them, making them feel special. Watching them feel beautiful and see their true potential was just out of this world and continues to motivate me on a daily basis. 

My Why starts with my family but leads on the the people who I am helping daily to change their outlook on themselves or current situations.

This led on to me taking new courses, professional courses within network marketing, getting diplomas and qualifying as a makeup artist and a whole host of other personal development skills. I managed all of this in and around my home and children. Building up my business, my skills and mentorship- helping others to believe in themselves enough to take the leap of faith and do what I do. What I found changed my life, a complete 360° change. I was once a surgical dental nurse commuting for around three hours daily. I was working for someone else’s dream and it didn’t light me up. I loved what I was doing and don’t get me wrong, I loved and totally respected the very talented people who I worked alongside. I also loved helping the patients on their journey but it just wasn’t ‘my thing’. I always knew there was something else that was out there for me that I would love and have a real passion for.

I always knew I would find it, and since being thrown into a really dark and ugly place of fear, worry and financially a very worrisome time it has done nothing but create a magical place of positivity, beauty and abundance. In so many aspects of the word. Sometimes the darkest times bring out about the brightest light.

I have found me, the real me I had been searching for. I have found post babies confidence, I have found new relationships that never would have happened without pushing myself and most importantly, I have found who I truly am and who I aspire to be as I grow along the way. 

Growth doesn’t just happen though and it definitely isn’t a garden of roses all the time. I have learned that you have days, weeks, months of high vibes and then the other times where you’re forced to rest and recharge . This is all for a good reason too, you need to have slower quieter days/weeks/months to keep going and look after yourself. Otherwise burnout becomes a real thing. You have to go with the energy flow. Do what you feel is necessary, whatever happens the universe has your back! Knowing and trusting in this is what has massively helped me along the way and this is probably the biggest lesson I have had to learn. It goes without saying that your path is laid out for you, but you have to work at it and believe in yourself and trust in the universe. 

Living a life that really makes your soul happy is important, you have to strive to have that perfect balance. Whatever that balance means to you, as it’s certainly different for each and every individual.

Always be grateful for what you have and what you are working towards. I believe everyone has the opportunity to find what it is that sets their soul alight. I only hope that not everyone has to find it from a place of darkness. Take time to listen to yourself and sometimes these things can become clear, even when you’re enjoying yourself.

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