Common Myths about Nannies


November, 2022

Here are some of the most common myths about Nannies! Most people know of nannies due to movies like Mary Poppins or famous families such as the Kardashians but how much of what you know is actually true?

1. Nannies are only for the rich and famous. 

Possibly the most common misconception about nannies, is that they are only used by the rich and famous. Nannies can also be a cost-effective form of childcare for many, parents who require flexible childcare may benefit from a Nanny rather than a babysitter or childminder. 


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    2.Nannies are just babysitters.

    The difference between a babysitter and a Nanny is distinct. Where a babysitter provides supervised childcare whilst their parents are away, for example a few hours in the evening whilst they attend a dinner date; a Nanny is hired to work closely with the family to help raise the children. Nannies are involved with the emotional, social, physical, and educational needs of the kids they take care of. Nannies have a wealth of experience and education, whereas a babysitter provides basic support, ensuring the children are cared for in their parent’s absence without the main focus being child development.

    3.All Nannies live-in with their nanny families.

    Although this was true years ago, it is no longer the case. Most Nannies live in their own homes and travel to their work families each day or live elsewhere nearby during their employment.

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    4.Nannies need to be certified.

    Historically not all Nannies have childcare qualifications, a lot of people started work in the industry building from experience at a young age. However, more recently Nannies are striving towards getting more knowledge and qualifications to assist them within the role and provide families with comfort, knowing that they are experts in the industry. More and more families are opting for nannies with experience and qualifications as it shows a dedication to the role and a genuine love for child development.




    5. Nannies are cooks and cleaners too.

    Nannies are often responsible for taking on all tasks related to the children they are looking after. This typically includes things like doing the children’s laundry, tidying toys, cleaning up after themselves and the children and feeding them. Unless otherwise agreed, Nannies do not clean up the family home or prepare meals etc for the parents. They are childcare specialists and are there to take care of the children. 


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    6. Men can’t be Nannies.

    In the UK it is believed that around 98% of Nannies are female. Although female nannies are traditional and more common, males can in fact be Nannies and are often referred to as Mannies. In recent years male Nannies are gaining in popularity and many more men are interested in pursuing childcare jobs. We have placed many Mannies and Governors and have many happy families and children as a result.


    7. Nannies replace the parents in the eyes of the children.

    It is commonly believed that hiring a Nanny will lead your children to love them more due to the fact the Nanny is hired to spend time with the children. The fact is that Nannies are hired to raise the children alongside the parents. When you have the right Nanny in your lives, no one will feel replaced or pushed out. Of course, the children will bond with their Nanny and feel love for them but ultimately, you’re a team, the Nannies work with you and you will not be replaced. (Don’t worry!)

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    8. Children with Nannies are anti-social.

    For some reason it is widely believed that children who have a Nanny, instead of attending a childcare centre with other children- are anti-social and spend all day at home. Children with Nannies have plenty of opportunities to socialise and develop friendships as the Nanny will arrange playdates, take the children to the park and carpool to and from extra-curricular activities. 





    There are many more myths out there and we are curious to hear what are some of the craziest ones you have heard? Let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram! @greatbritishnannies

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