Different ways to show appreciation for your Nanny!


September, 2022

Did you know that from the 18th-24th it is Nanny appreciation week! 

As employers it is the perfect time to show your Nannies some love and appreciation for everything they do for you and your family. 

For Nannies, Nanny Appreciation Week is a chance to celebrate the work they do and recognise the difference they make in their family’s lives. 

Here are some ideas of little and large ways to show them how much they mean to you and your children!

One- Just say thank you.

This one seems obvious and is probably done daily anyway but to really show you mean it in honour of Nanny Appreciation week- you could do this through a written message in a card or letter that they can keep forever as a sweet reminder. Perhaps even a video message of yourself and the children saying thank you and sharing their favourite memories if you have a little extra time.

Multiple Coloured Pencils

    Two- Have the children make something

    A custom-made art piece by the nanny kids is always lovely to receive. Many of us keep them safe forever and ever, even long after the children have grown up and left. For some information why not look at our blog for some inspiration?

    Three- Send them to a spa

    Nannies spend so much time taking care of others, why not treat them to some self-care. A trip to the spa can leave one feeling re-energised and relaxed all at once. 



    Four- A surprise paid day off 

    Nannies often work long hours; you could show your appreciation by giving her a paid day off so she can spend a day taking care of herself and whatever she needs to get done outside of work.





    Five- Pay for professional development

    Consider paying for your Nanny to attend a Nannying event, many Nanny associations host yearly conferences with the opportunities to meet other nannies and provide attendees with educational opportunities that can enhance their careers.

    nanny notes

    How will you choose to celebrate your Nanny this year? Let us know in the comments or over on Instagram! We would love to hear from you and add to our list of ideas.