Disney inspired fun for you and your children


July, 2022

We’re all a little obsessed with Disney, especially recently with their newest movies Encanto and Turning Red. On those cosy days in front of the TV with the kiddos- it is more than likely going to be a Disney movie.. Right? Anyway, we decided to compile a blogpost with all our favourite Disney inspired activities for the family! Something more to enjoy after watching Encanto for the 5000th time in a week.

Disney Movie Envelopes

Starting o ff with movie nights! Are you fed up of watching the same movies on repeat but can’t convince your children to switch it up? You may have seen this trend on tiktok. People put the name of a movie and a menu that matches the theme of the movie into an unnamed envelope. Then on movie night, blindly choose an envelope, run to the shops for the ingredients and cook together before settling down to eat and watch the chosen film! Lots of fun for everyone involved and a good way to broaden the movie selection.

Learn how to do it here.

British Nanny

Disney Storyboards 

It’s time to put your thinking caps on and create your own Disney-inspired movie/book. Fold some paper into 4-6 pieces and bring your imagination to life. Remember to write a few sentences to go with your drawings! If stories aren’t your thing, why not design your own character for your favourite Disney film? For example, design your own toy to join the Toy Story gang or your own Disney Princess.

Here is some pinterest inspiration for you Disney storyboards!

Affordable Disney Crafts

There are plenty of household items that can be reused to create Disney inspired crafts. Keep the empty kitchen roll, the egg cartons and used ice lolly sticks and get creative! Pinterest has thousands of ideas to reuse items in your home and make them into something fun! 

Using the empty roll to paint or draw characters, once they are dried you can play with them like dolls.
Depending on how many ice lolly sticks you have, you can use them to create a boat or one of the buildings from Disney. It’ll take patience but would be a fun activity to attempt together. Or how about creating your own Mickey mouse ears?! Or creating your own Disney princess costumes with old clothes/fabrics? The creative possibilities are endless.

nanny family


Get your makeup and dig out the costumes, blast your favourite Disney songs and have your own show! Get Dad to belt out some Frozen whilst dressed as Elsa, you can recreate a whole movie or do a Disney talent show and vote for your favourite performances. These are the kind of memories the kids will remember forever. Here is a Disney song playlist to help get you started.



Let us know if you do any of these and tag us on instagram we would love to see what you do!

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