Top Reasons Why our Great British Nannies are so Exceptional


January, 2021

Here at Great British Nannies we are incredibly proud of the wonderful Nannies and Governesses who have made our agency their number one choice. The feedback that we continue to receive highlights that all childcare professionals working for VIP families with us feel supported and valued every step of the way. For us it’s imperative that our Nannies, Governesses, Governors, Mannies, Tutors and Maternity Nurses feel cared for and appreciated for the amazing work that they do. If you are a childcare professional working with us we want to say a big thank you! To those of you who may be interested in applying for one of our positions, here’s what to expect if you join the team.

Dedication and love from what they do

There’s no doubt about it, our Nannies have an immense about of passion and dedication to their work. For our Great British Nannies their role is not just a job, it’s a way of life and a state of being. Every successful applicant registered with us exudes a vast amount of enthusiasm for working with children and caring for their needs. For a Great British Nanny they never clock off from caring for the welfare and needs of the children in their charge.

loving nanny

It’s a Vocation

dedicated childcarer

For the childcare providers who work with us, working with children is what lights them up. They are motivated by the opportunity to make a difference to a child’s life through emotional, intellectual, physical development. High profile families who reach out to us for assistance know that our career nannies go above and beyond to provide the highest calibre of childcare support.

It’s from the Heart

Successful applicants with Great British Nannies have big hearts! They care deeply and live by core values including kindness, a loving attitude, patience, compassion and empathy. Great British Nannies consider the bigger picture; they seek to understand the reasons why a child may be acting a certain way. They want to know what makes the children in their care feel happy, contented and safe. A Great British Nanny strives to make a positive difference in the lives of the family she works with and the wider community.

manny children game

Integrity is paramount

private tutor

The families that we work with deeply value the integrity that each of our Nannies upholds. For high profile families in particular, it is vital for them to know that they can trust their childcare provider whole heartedly and that confidentiality will be maintained. Honesty, clear communication, authenticity, reliability and dependability are inherent qualities that a Great British Nanny possesses at all times, both during and after working hours.

We are delighted to celebrate our wonderful team of childcare providers who make such a positive difference in the world. You brighten up the days of the families you work with and ours too when we hear your delightful news and updates! Last month we started a brand new initiative celebrating the childcare specialists who represent our agency. We are thrilled announce Sylvia as our ‘Governess of the Month’ and extend our congratulations to her!

If you are interested in applying for a role with us or are looking for childcare support, please get in touch. One of our dedicated team members will be delighted to assist.


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