How to secure a job as a Governess?


Jule, 2020

Do you dream of a new career oppotrunity that comes with travels and exciting challenges? Have you considered to become a Governess?

Or even better – a Governess in Moscow?

To land an amazing role as a Governess in Moscow, it is vital that you make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Life as a Governess in Moscow is extremely rewarding, exciting and often full of opportunity to travel to some of the most spectacular places worldwide. Who doesn’t love a job that involves once in a lifetime travel opportunities, coupled with a real sense of fulfillment every day?

As a Governess in Moscow your role is to educate the Russian child to become bilingual, whilst teaching them good manners, etiquette and discipline. Your day will be full of teaching, play and fun therefore the child will warm to you and grow fond of you quickly. Above all, children are genuinely excited by the opportunity of learning a new language, so much so, that they quickly become familiar with you as they associate you with this new, fun education. Progressimg in their language skills can be seen quickly as a direct result of their structured and consistent daily routine that you provide them with in a loving and caring environment.

To see a child’s overall well-being and confidence develop daily in this way, is one of the most beautiful and rewarding aspects of the job; you can see the effect you are having on their lives directly. In fact, you can see the joy throughout the whole family including the parents who have a real sense of pride in the results you are delivering. In addition to these rewards, you are compensated with a wonderful package that often includes paid accommodation, a very attractive salary and all travel and visa costs covered.

Sounds too good to be true you’re probably thinking?

Well… It is real!

You too could be on your way to Moscow to start an exciting new life in a fulfilling job as a Governess that will reward you in so many ways, every day. How do I get here, I hear you ask? Well, as with most jobs, qualifications and experience are the keys. Although requirements vary between families, most tend to ask for a minimum of two years childcare or teaching experience, a degree of any discipline, TEFL certificate or CELTA, and first aid qualification. Musical, artistic or sporting abilities are favorably looked upon, as these will inevitably enrich the child’s diverse education.

It is not all down to what is written on paper however, your personality and the way you present yourself is potentially even more important. Someone who gives off an aura of positivity. Someone that can be trusted to take the time to really understand and adapt to the child’s constant changing needs. Someone who is fun and will actively engage everyday with the child – these are the qualities that are going to secure you this amazing role.

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