8 Ideas to Encourage an Attitude of Gratitude in Your Children


November, 2018

Thanksgiving will be celebrated on 22nd November in America, a holiday that originated as an opportunity to give thanks for the harvest.  Why limit giving thanks to one day a year when it brings so much joy and happiness?

Teaching children an attitude of gratitude involves helping them to view their reality from a perspective of appreciation and abundance.  If we are able to nurture this skill within the mind-set of children from a young age their quality of life will forever be enriched. Modelling this attitude to your children is an incredible gift that doesn’t come with a price tag.  The best things in life are free and here at Great British Nannies we couldn’t agree more!

Importance of please and thank you
It is vital to communicate the importance of good manners and politeness. Showing respect and humility conveys that we don’t believe we are entitled to anything, and that we appreciate whatever comes our way.
Joy of giving and sharing
Offering a helping hand to someone less fortunate allows your child to experience first-hand the joy that comes from giving. This could take the form of helping an elderly neighbour with their gardening, offering food to a homeless person or a local food bank.
Seek out opportunities to offer your time and kindness to projects and initiatives in your local area. This could be getting involved with the village festival or assisting with a charity event. This is a wonderful opportunity to do something meaningful and positive as a family.
Random acts of kindness
We all appreciate how random acts of kindness can light up the day in a beautifully unexpected way. Have fun making a jar of random acts of kindness together as a family and pick one each week (or day!) to carry out. Warning: May lead to a heart brimming with warmth and joy.
Litter picking trail
Turn a regular family stroll into a purposeful eco assignment! Encourage your children to care for Mother Earth by leading them on a litter picking mission with a difference.
Sharing your gratitude at bedtime
Take time when tucking your little ones in at night to tell them what you are most grateful for that day and ask them to share their favourite moment that they are grateful for too.
Arrange a ‘date to donate’ with your family, going through cupboards and wardrobes at home and collecting things that are unwanted or unused. As a family take the donated goods to your local charity shop, homeless shelter or food bank and allow your child to see the smiles they can bring through kindness and generosity.
Creating a gratitude journal
A precious space where your child can express all the things that they are grateful for. This may take the form of pictures, words, poems or artwork. The main purpose is for it to be a go-to source of happiness and celebration for all of life’s blessings.

Remind your child that gratitude is a positive skill which serves as a reminder of how many joyful gifts there are in this life that don’t cost a thing.

We’d love to hear about how your family are embracing an attitude of gratitude! As always please share your stories and experiences through tagging us on Instagram or drop us a line via email. Hearing from you makes our day!

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