How to build a relationship with the children you work with


September, 2022

As Nannies it is important that we develop and build trusting and secure relationships with our nanny families, especially our nanny kids. It is essential as caregivers to have a close relationship with the children. They need to feel safe with you, they need to know that they can confide in you and trust you. Children who feel safe will be more likely to participate in activities, be gentler on themselves and gain the confidence to try again when something doesn’t quite go their way. You want your nanny children to enjoy their time with you and get excited when you turn up to carry out your role as a trusted childcare provider.

Often, a nanny is as close to the child as their own family members, and you become an extremely important figure in their lives. A role model and someone who the child and family love dearly. Always let your nanny children know how much fun you have with them and speak to them about the fun times you have shared and moments they have made you proud. Your nanny kids need consistent positive reinforcement and encouragement daily.


    Naturally, as humans, we aren’t always on top form. However, as a nanny we encourage you leave your troubles at the front door and fully immerse yourself into the environment of the children in your care. Sometimes, simply shifting the focus and leaving the adulting behind in favour of fun games, silliness and role play are the best way to get out of your head and be the best nanny you can be. If your nanny family are pro cuddles. Always make sure your nanny kids are getting their cuddles in, regardless of your mood. The children deserve consistency. And did you know that cuddling increases serotonin? Get those extra cuddles in and you’ll also benefit from a happier mood.

    Listen to them. Children love to be heard, even if they’re not making much sense by taking an interest in what they’re saying, children feel heard and confident. They will know you care if you take interest in what they’re speaking about and engage in their topics, discussing them, relating back to your own experiences, asking their opinions. Be present.

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    One-on-one time is always a great bonding experience for children especially if they have siblings. By sharing some one-to-one time, it makes the individual child feel special and gives them a safe place to talk about anything that might be on their minds.





    Play their favourite games. Children love it when adults play with them and take time to learn about what they love. A few minutes playing dolls, building Lego, creating a fort with the children shows them that you’re interested in what makes them happy. Give them a chance to decide on some activities and plan around those with others that you might have which supports their care and education.


    Let us know if you do any of these and what else you do to build your nannying relationships with the children and other family members.

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