How to create a good relationship with your nanny


February, 2023

When hiring a new nanny, you want to find a way to bond and have a good relationship with them. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you have a nice relationship with your nanny which will benefit your children endlessly.

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    Welcome them!

    When your new nanny first arrives, give them a warm welcome. It can sometimes be incredibly daunting to join a new family, but giving them a happy welcome and letting them know they are a part of the family too can help them to feel at ease as they learn how your household and children work best.

    Express Gratitude

    Get all the family involved in thanking your nanny regularly. Ensure your nanny feels appreciated and give them a nice goodbye at the end of their shift. You’ll never know how much a simple show of gratitude means to your nanny.

    Invite them to family events

    Your nanny is helping you to raise your children, they are part of the family! Where possible invite them to the children’s birthday parties, recitals, and class assemblies. They want to share those moments with you too.

    British Nanny

    Make your expectations clear from the start

    Your expectations should be voiced before hiring the individual so that they know what to expect, springing new and unexpected chores on your nanny would be unfair. Ensure that all parties are aware of what is expected from day one to avoid later issues.

    Have regular meetings

    Meet with them as often as possible so your nanny can voice any concerns or questions they may have. Even if it is just to discuss the children and see how everything is going. 

    Set boundaries

    Ensure you both set your boundaries from day one and enforce them, so no lines get crossed. It is important to ensure your relationship with your nanny always remains professional.

    British Nanny

    What other tips and tricks do you have to create a good relationship with your Nanny or Nanny family? Let us know below.