How to encourage children to brush their teeth


August, 2022

Sometimes convincing your child to brush their teeth can be a challenge, here are some dentist approved tips to try out!

Let them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste

Offering your child a small piece of independence by allowing them to choose their own toothbrush and/or toothpaste will encourage them to brush their teeth. Extending that mutual trust, will help them to understand the importance of it.

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Have a bathroom dance party and brush along to their favourite songs

Create a spotify playlist with a variety of their favourite songs, encourage them to dance whilst they brush. Don’t stop brushing until the song is over! If possible, find as many songs that are two minutes long as this is the recommended amount of time recommended for brushing.

Here is a toothbrushing song with Mickey Mouse you can use.

Create a reward system

Rewards are a fantastic way to positively reinforce good behaviour in children. It gives them something to work towards and a feeling of accomplishment when they hit their targets. They work well for chores but also for daily tasks such as brushing teeth, getting dressed and eating their meals!

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Brush together as a family

Sometimes brushing your teeth together will help younger children participate. Kids often like to copy their parents and siblings so why not make it a family event? See who can brush the best?

Set a timer for 2 minutes

Encourage your child to keep on brushing until the timer stops, this will teach them to brush thoroughly for the fully recommended amount of time. 





A note from the tooth fairy

Children may need a nudge of encouragement from a specific magical being- the tooth fairy. Write a letter to your child explaining the importance of brushing their teeth, if they won’t listen to you they might just listen to the fairy. If you’re not creative, you can buy premade ones online by small businesses that go beyond to make their letters extra special and extra magical.

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British Nanny

Dentist visits


In the UK it is recommended that children visit the dentist at least once a year for a checkup. You can use this appointment as a chance to get the dentist to discuss the importance of looking after our teeth and offer the little ones some words of encouragement. 

Let us know if you do any of these and tag us on instagram we would love to see what you do!

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