Important things to consider when hiring a SEN Nanny


October, 2022

Finding a Nanny can be a tricky journey, the process can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months, and you want to ensure your Nanny is the perfect fit for you and your family. However, trying to find a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Nanny can be a little bit trickier as you want whoever you hire to fully understand your child’s additional needs and be experienced in working with children with additional needs. 

We at Great British Nannies have some recommendations for you when you are carrying out a search to find the right SEN Nanny for your child. 

Always check references: 

Checking previous employment references will help ease your mind, confirming the SEN nanny’s background and give you confidence in their experience and knowledge. If you choose to use a childcare agency like us, we will have already checked their references. However, reading through and contacting previous employers for yourself can be a great way for you to speak with the parents and ask any additional questions you may have which will assist you in deciding if you have found a suitable candidate.


    Confirm their experience: Seeing what experience the SEN nanny has when applying for a role along with and if they have any specialist qualifications will help you to see if they have the skills and experience required to carry out the role with your child to ensure they are promoting development in all areas of their overall wellbeing. A great way to confirm their experience is to carry out a paid working trial. We are advocates of trial days/weeks for you to meet the SEN nanny in person and see if their experience, nannying style is appropriate for your child and household. Sometimes a candidate on paper is not necessarily the right fit and that goes both ways. Both parties need to understand this before signing a contract for long-term employment. This limits any issues that may arise with the wrong candidate if you employ them immediately off the back of a good interview.

    Obtain Enhanced DBS Checks for the childcare workforce: All Nannies, including SEN Nannies should have Enhanced DBS checks, it is a legal requirement and can give you a peace of mind too. Knowing that your nanny has a clean record.  

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    First Aid Knowledge:

    Regardless of a child’s needs, Nannies should always have up to date paediatric First Aid certifications, this will give you some peace of mind that your nanny will know how to react quickly, efficiently, and calmly in case of emergency.




    We at Great British Nannies understand how challenging it can be finding a Nanny for your family, if you have any questions or queries contact us today! We can do all the hard work and ensure you get the right Nanny for you. 


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