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WHY HIRE A live-in nanny?

Great British Nannies offer over 10 years of experience in placing live-in nannies in the U.K and overseas. Our live-in nannies come with excellent experience, childcare qualifications, and a genuine love for their role as a childcare provider, to ensure your children receive the best care.

Great British Nannies take the time to understand your family’s unique requirements to ensure we find a suitable candidate to join your family.

The live-in nannies that we register are experienced, qualified and have excellent contactable references, a valid enhanced DBS certificate along with an in date first aid certificate, so that you know your child will be in the best care. Our candidates are located around the globe, and we place live-in nannies in the U.K and overseas.

A live-in Nanny is responsible for your child’s overall wellbeing whilst they are on duty. Your live-in Nanny will plan and organise daily and/or weekly activities both inside and outside of the home, to support your child’s learning and overall development. A live-in Nanny will assist in your child’s intellectual, physical and emotional development as they will be working alongside you to ensure a safe, happy and healthy environment.

Live-in Nannies offer sole charge or proxy parenting as well as working alongside parents, depending on your preferences and the requirements of your household. A live-in Nanny is often responsible for all nursery duties, some light meal preparation, setting and adhering to a structured routine, organising playdates, liaising with doctors/teachers etc, and ensuring the children’s nursery and room is clean and tidy. However, the role of a live-in Nanny is not to perform housekeeping duties and that is a separate role. Live-in Nannies may organise playdates with your children’s friends and accompany your child to any extra-curricular activities as well as assist with homework supervision and reading. Live-in Nannies typically work with children from birth up to 8 years. 



Duties of a LIVE-IN Nanny



A live-in Nanny will provide your child with love and comfort, routine, and good manners for the parents/guardians to feel at complete ease whilst they are otherwise engaged. Knowing that your children are being well cared for with a trusted person that they love spending time with is a wonderful feeling.


Live-in Nannies can assist with basic homework tasks for school aged children as well as help the children to improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills instilling confidence in themselves in a range of subject areas.


Live-in Nannies are responsible for organising all age-appropriate activities that can stimulate the mental, physical, social and emotional development the child including indoor and outdoor activities as well as arranging play dates.


Nannies carry out duties such as feeding, bathing, dressing, keeping their play areas tidy, assisting with building routine and supporting the parents.


Live-in nannies are employed to assist parents with the care of their children from birth right through to school aged children.



Live-in nannies are knowledgeable in child development. Given their education, working background and professional experience, therefore, they are able to guide parents through the Early Years stages if this is a requirement of the role.

What is a live-in nanny?

Live-in nannies will provide childcare to your children and be provided with care from anywhere between 8 – 12 hours daily, five days per week with 1 evening babysitting included in their salary. However, you may also employ a rota live-in nanny who work on a rotational shift basis with another live-in nanny and between them they will provide you with 24-hour cover. Depending on your family’s needs, we source nannies to suit your home and who are well aligned with you. Depending on what you are looking for, one of the team at Great British Nannies will be able to advise you on your options and how we can work together to find the ideal live-in nanny for your family.

When you hire a live-in nanny, you can expect them to carry out all nursery duties which relate to the daily well-being of your children. The duties you can expect a live-in nanny to provide are as follows;

  • Implementing or following the routine you have in place for your children or offering advice, depending on the circumstances of your household.
  • Assisting with feeding, including knowledge of weaning, and creating healthy and simple meals for your child.
  • Dressing, bathing, and ensuring your child is clean and always has good hygiene.
  • Ensure the nursery and child’s room is clean, tidy, and organised, along with your child’s laundry.
  • The live-in nanny will organise play dates along with plenty of fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities inside and outside of the home, including day trips.
  • A live-in nanny will take the time to consider and plan your child’s day in a way that is enriching to their developmental stages, including a range of activities which will allow them to gain confidence in themselves. Such as, arts and crafts, role play, building and being creative, reading, singing, storytelling and socialising.
  • A live-in nanny may also be able to offer to teach your child an additional language, and instrument, assist with homework and drive your children to different activities. Although this is dependent on the candidate and your requirements.

As an Employer you must provide the following to your live-in nanny;

  • A valid Contract of Employment.
  • Four weeks paid holiday plus bank holidays/days in lieu.
  • Employer liability insurance.
  • Accommodation within your home (with adequate privacy and preferably a private bathroom). A live-in nanny should be provided with a comfortable room, including Wi-Fi, a television, a desk, and adequate wardrobe space. Providing a lovely space for your nanny will attract better candidates who want to stay long term. Some families provide separate accommodation close by to their home or within their grounds for staff. Ensuring the live-in nanny has full privacy when they are not working, and their space and privacy is well respected by all family members and guests.
  • A weekly, fortnightly, or monthly wage, as agreed per the contract along with any overtime owed. Including payment of the nanny’s tax and national insurance contributions.
  • Food, the nanny’s meals are provided by the Employer, therefore discussing any dietary requirements and allergies prior to his/her arrival is suggested.
  • Anything else required to ensure they can provide the best care to your children, such as a car, access to funds and emergency contacts etc.
  • Travel expenses, visa and flights paid for by the Employer if the live-in nanny agrees to travel with you.
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Salary of a live-in Nanny


Great British Nannies provides educated, experienced, and qualified rota nannies that work within high profile and VIP families understanding the way in which work should be carried out within a fully staffed household. Taking into consideration discretion, working alongside a large team, flexibility to travel at short notice and such like.

Great British Nannies is a boutique nanny agency that provides live-in nannies to VIP families including royalty, across the globe. Our dedication to our work, values and company ethics is why we are a top choice nanny agency in London and globally. We are trusted by our clients and candidates and continue to receive positive feedback, referrals and repeat customers for our highly qualified and professional VIP nannies. Contact us here! Or check our Facebook page our here!

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Types of childcare specialists

English Governess


A Governess is well-educated child carer that works with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

British Governor


A Governor is the male equivalent of a Governess, carrying the same duties including working with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

English Tutor


A Tutor gives your child personal academic tuition on a variety or single subject to enhance their skills and confidence in the chosen area. Including exam preparation and school/university entry.

English Nanny


A nanny works with babies and children up to 8 years old. They take care of all nursery activities, feeding and hygiene for children.

Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse is qualified and experienced to work with mother and baby from birth up to 6 months. Supporting throughout all stages of the baby’s initial development.



A Manny carries out the same duties as a nanny and works with the same age group. Depending on whether you would prefer a male or female candidate is an individual preference.


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