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Welcome to the Governess and Governor educational course from Great British Nannies.

The role of the governess has been around since well before Victorian times, but has seen a surge in popularity in recent times with the rise of high earning families in countries such as Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. These families are keen to give their children the best possible opportunities and so there is a great demand for native English speaking educators who are willing to work closely with the family to mentor the children academically and to teach them the English language and culture.

The childcare agency Great British Nannies was founded by Cleo Adamou, a career governess with over 10 years of experience in childcare and governessing, who aimed to provide tailored support to families and candidates, both at placement and long afterwards. Matching the right family to the right governess or governor has positive, far-reaching results, and this course grew from the Great British Nannies team’s dedication to nurturing that very special working relationship.

The joy of this role is the chance to really make a difference for the children you work with – to watch them progress from knowing only a few words of English to achieving fluency. It’s also about helping to shape the people they are becoming, encouraging them to be curious, compassionate and brave, as well as giving them the tools they’ll need to go on to travel, study and work abroad, confident in their second language and in themselves.

Working with children as a Governess or Governor doesn’t only bring immense job satisfaction: the role also offers the opportunity to travel and to experience a lifestyle that most people only dream of. It will give you myriad transferable skills, from increased independence and problem-solving, to working with VIP clients and learning to be self-directed. You will have the chance to learn a new language and to immerse yourself in a culture that isn’t your own. There’s also the rewarding salary, which provides the opportunity to save for anything from further study to a property or more travelling.

There are many online courses out there that focus on teaching English as an additional language, or that deal with different aspects of childcare, but we don’t believe there’s anything else available currently that covers the different facets of working as a governess or governor in as great a depth as we have here.

In our opinion, this is the best job in the world and we wanted to give those contemplating this rewarding career the best start possible. This is why Great British Nannies has collaborated with several experienced governesses to create this course, and make sure you have the knowledge that they wish they’d had when they first started.

The authors and co-creators of this course are:

  • Emma Newrick, an experienced governess, CELTA qualified language teacher and professional writer
  • Cleo Adamou, career governess and co-founder of Great British Nannies
  • Gail Johnson, a career nanny and governess who has worked with hundreds of children
  • Ruth Alexander, an experienced classroom teacher and governess

Every single person who has participated in the creation of this course has extensive education and experience in the childcare field, as well as a genuine love for the industry itself.

We hope this course will give you all the tools you need for that first role and beyond.

Adventure awaits!

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