Preparing Your Children for back to school


August, 2022

Going back to school after the Summer Holidays can be quite daunting. They’ve most likely been with you most days during the Summer and now they’re going into a new class with a new teacher. It can always be quite tricky on the parents too, as we long to protect our babies forever. Here is how you can prepare your children and yourself for the first day of school.

If your child is starting a new school or moving up into secondary school, walking together a few times to see the school will help settle any nerves.  Especially if the child is going to be walking to secondary school alone. It will help them become familiar with the route and setting eyes on the school building will make it seem less scary when the very first day arrives.

back to school

For younger children who might be starting nursery or moving into primary school, there are lots of incredible stories to help them prepare. You can find some on Amazon here.


Get the children familiar with the morning routine before they start school, have breakfast, and get dressed at the time expected before September. Holidays are always good for a break and a lie in but break that habit the last week of Holiday for a stress-free, easygoing school week!


By now we all know that children need a nutritious healthy breakfast to take on the day ahead. Incorporate healthy options such as apples, bananas, and raisins, this will help them to be alert during their classes.


Playing educational games over the summer can help your child stay up to date and remember all that they learnt at school. Playing word games, math games and even doing writing with them will help them ease into learning at school.


Read every single day. Learning should not stop over the Summer break. By reading with your child, you get the one-to-one time and help them to engage in educational activities. You should do this for at least 20 minutes a day or even at nighttime before they go to bed. This will also help with Homework when school starts to send it out for them to complete.


When stocking up on school supplies, take the children with you! Allowing them the freedom of choosing their own school shoes, school bags and equipment, will get them excited about the up-and-coming school year.




Before the first day, you want to ensure all the washing and ironing is out of the way, the uniform is hung together so you can grab an outfit for each day without any morning stress. You also want to make sure their school bags and P.E kits are ready to go, to make the morning as easy as possible, keep them both at the front door with their school shoes, ready to grab and go when it’s time to leave.


What helps you prepare for September? Let us know below!


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