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1. What is the role of a Tutor?
2. Which of the following job descriptions does this apply to?
Families hire this type of childcare specialist to teach their children a foreign language as a second or additional language, to support them in their academic career, and to expose them to the English culture and customs, as well as focusing on behaviour and etiquette. Many of these children will go on to be educated overseas, whether that’s a boarding school in the UK, an international school in Switzerland, or university in the USA. The grounding we give them will help them feel more at ease, both with the language and the culture.
3. A CELTA or TEFL qualification will help you secure the following role
4. An Au-pair should be hired for the same role as a career nanny
5. Which group of childcare professionals have often been referred to as ‘Hairy Poppins’?
6. At what period in history did the role of a Governess become popular?
7. Governesses were historically employed by families because...
8. What are the three R’s?
9. Governesses have traditionally been native English speakers, but we are seeing a shift. Which other two languages have become increasingly popular?
10. The salary of a Governess in Victorian times was higher than it is today.
11. Where would a Governess usually sit during mealtimes?
12. Historically who were known to show hostility towards governesses because they were deemed to be respected by the family?
13. Which Governess famously worked in Russia during the Victorian times?
14. Who was Crawfie?
15. Who is the nation's most loved and popular fictional governess of all time?
16. How many hours a week is a governess expected to work on average?
17. A Governess may spend some time waiting around whilst the children attend extra-curricular activities. This could be in the room itself but is usually outside or in the car with the family’s driver. What would be a great way to use this time efficiently for personal growth and career progression?
18. At which time of the year should a Governess be prepared to work longer hours with the children and have additional fun outdoor and creative age appropriate activities planned?
19. What’s the difference between a Governess and Governor?
20. What is a Rota schedule?
21. What does SEN stand for?
22. What are a the reasons why a child might be home-schooled?
(There may be more than one answer)
23. What is homeschooling?
(There may be more than one answer)
24. What is an average salary for a Governess?
25. Who should you contact regarding any confusion about tax and salary when going to work overseas?
26. Where are the three most popular destinations worldwide for Governesses to work?
27. A PGCE qualification (or the same qualification outside the U.K) will really help you stand out if you are seeking a Governess/Governor or Tutor role within the private sector. What does PGCE stand for?
28. Which of the two certifications are more sought after by recruiters and families?
29. How can you transition from another career into Governessing if you have no previous experience with teaching or childcare?
(There might be more than one correct answer)
30. Is it important to check your CV for presentation, spelling and grammar before sending it to an Agency?
31. Why should you use a childcare agency to assist your job search as opposed to finding jobs?
32. Why should you research childcare agencies and find ones that suit you?
33. Why is it important when registering with a childcare Agency to have an up to date First Aid Certificate and cleared Enhanced DBS for working with minors?
34. If you sign up with an Agency do they have the exclusive right to keep your data and you on their mailing list for eternity?
35. How should you dress for an interview?
36. A trial period is advised for both the family and the childcare professional. True or false?
37. A trial period should be paid regardless of the longevity
38. Should you read the employment contract before signing?
39. What points must go into any employment contract?
(There might be more than one correct answer)
40. How can you prepare for relocating to a new country?
(There might be more than one correct answer)
41. How many members of the Saudi royal family are there?
42. When working with a HNW family what can you post on social media about your life?
43. Is it advisable to insist your charges wear their seatbelts in the car even though their parents don’t mind if they don’t?
44. When working with other household staff what topics should never be discussed between you?
45. When travelling with your work family what are the essentials to pack?
46. Is wearing outdoor shoes and clothing in a Russian household regarded as acceptable?
47. When do Russians celebrate Christmas?
48. When working in China what might you be expected to do?
49. Can male candidates apply for a childcare job in the Middle East?
50. What clothes are you expected to wear in a Royal palace in the Middle East?
51. When coming across a challenging situation within your job as a governess or governor what is the best solution?
52. What is the recommended amount of sleep for a six year old?
53. How important is sleeping routine for school children?
54. If your views on discipline differ from the parents’ views what would you do?
55. Do you think it’s necessary to be culturally sensitive while applying disciplinary measures to your charges?
56. Do you think it’s necessary to use additional resources when working in a private household?