Real Importance of a Routine for Children
November, 2017
When it comes to raising children, everyone will have their own wisdom to share. One practice that is shared by a lot of parents is the maintaining of a good routine for children. With so much to do, it can be difficult to try an implement a routine, especially if we have more than one child. However, resilience will be your ally, as there are several benefits in ensuring that your child has a healthy routine.
Helps Your Children Keep to a Schedule
Depending on how old your child is, they can have a lot of responsibilities. This can include tidying up after themselves, and knowing when to brush their teeth. While the reinforcing of a routine can be frustrating at times, the repeated behaviour means children become more accustomed as to what tasks they must take care off. As such, a healthy schedule can help with the following:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Undisturbed Sleep
  • Aware of Boundaries
  • More Enjoyable Playtime

This isn’t to say that routine can’t go off course at times, but if you’re able to steer it back in the right direction, then there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t the benefits in the long-term.

Helps Build Confidence and Independence
When children keep to a routine, they will soon find that they are able to do more and more for themselves. This will instil a sense of pride, making them more confident when it comes to tackling future tasks. Parents will often find that they clash less with their children once they have a true sense of worth and independence.
Create a Family Bond
As well as ensuring your child is aware of what’s expected of them, they also become more familiar with family traditions such as movie night and special meal nights. The child will slowly come to see the importance of family, and how bonds are formed when engaging in activities together. While some children may need more persuasion than others, you’ll soon find that a routine will help children make the most of family time and enjoy it rather than see it as a chore.
A Calmer Household Overall
Many parents will have been in the position of having to tell their children to stop playing so that they can get ready for bed or complete their homework, only to be met with a temper tantrum. While this can be frustrating, it’s worth noting that the inclusion of the child in planning certain events can make for a calmer environment. Work alongside your child and try to meet in the middle when it comes to creating a realistic routine. This will mean that the child has a better understanding of what’s expected, and will be less rebellious as a result.

When starting a routine, it can be very frustrating in the initial period. However, as time goes by the process will become much easier, and you will find that implementing routines in the future is a much easier process.

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