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      New Year’s Resolutions with a Difference


      January, 2019

      So the season of celebration draws to a close as we welcome in the new beginnings of 2019. The month of January provides us with an opportunity for reflection and stillness following the Christmas festivities. Many refer to this time as the “January Blues” and begin to look forward to summer holidays, skipping past spring

      The tangible gifts may already have been exchanged over the holidays but we often overlook the profound present we have yet to unwrap. The opportunity to set fresh intentions for a brand new year, to wipe the slate clean with the chance to start anew. It also gives us the chance to let go of any negative beliefs and patterns that prevent us from thriving and living our happiest lives

      How about we create a resolutions list that doesn’t involve making ourselves feel guilty and inadequate but rather celebrates a declaration of radical self-acceptance. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

      Let go of perfectionism
      Maintaining unrealistic and unattainable expectations has been drilled into the female psyche from a young age. It’s time to unburden ourselves from this life sentence. Make that top of your New Year Goals list.
      Let go of guilt
      Break the usual post-Christmas pattern of condemning yourself for eating too much and having too much fun. For not getting your child that extra gift. For not preparing the perfect Boxing Day buffet. Let it all go! Instead reflect on what a wonderful celebration you shared with your nearest and dearest and what a great job you did creating a lovely Christmas.
      Accept help and support
      You don’t have to do it alone. When we micro-manage and try to control everything things quickly become stressful and overwhelming. Sharing the load with your partner or extended family and friends makes life so much easier and ENJOYABLE.
      Be honest
      When life starts to feel difficult communicate your feelings to a trusted loved one or therapist. Deep-rooted beliefs of self-sacrifice reflecting ‘good mothering’ are hard to shake but totally false. Communicating to your family when your self-love cup needs filling up is vital for a happy 2019.

      You may begin this exercise wondering what would be on your resolutions list. It feels so much more familiar and comfortable to list all the reasons how we can be better, what we can strive for and how to make our outer world more impressive. Listing what we want to let go of and how we can learn to love and accept ourselves as a priority, well our brains just aren’t accustomed to that way of thinking. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit so how about we turn those old ‘January Blues’ into ‘January Bloom’. The month you decided that 2019 will not be dictated by comparison and inadequacy but a year long celebration of empowerment and positive change.

      We would love to hear your New Year’s resolutions ideas and also if this blog post has served you. Next month we will be exploring positive affirmations for Mamas which we hope you will enjoy.

      Here’s to a joyful, balanced and abundant 2019!

      With love

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