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What is a Rota Nanny?

A rota nanny is an experienced professional who usually works on a rotational shift basis. A rota nanny will typically work on a 24/7 basis but is mostly “on call” during those hours, whilst living in the home of their employer or in dedicated staff housing on the grounds or close by to their home. They reason they work on a rota schedule with other nannies and governesses is so they take turns to work, one nanny will work and the other will be off. This usually looks like one week on/off, two weeks on/off or a month on/off.


This ensures around the clock care for the children, which is often ideal for busy parents. Parents who opt for a Rota Nanny are often wanted by people with extremely demanding jobs, for example VIP people or High Net Worth families. The bond between a Rota Nanny and their families are special as they spend so much time together, they are often regarded as an additional member of the family.


What are the expected duties of a Rota Nanny?


A rota nanny has the same duties as a daily live-in or live-out nanny. The only difference is the schedule and the fact that they will often cover nights, especially if they are working with babies. However, this is often not requested as parents do like to take care of their own children during these periods too. It adds another layer of flexibility. Especially in households with parents who wake up early for work or have multiple children. Some of the duties expected of a rota nanny are as follow:


  • Assisting with mealtimes, bedtime, and bath time. 
  • Light housekeeping related to the children, such as keeping their nursery area and bedroom clean, organising the children’s laundry, washing dishes after meals and packing suitcases for travel.
  • Arranging and supervising playdates, outdoor activities, and days out. 
  • Preparing healthy snacks and meals for the children.
  • Teaching them personal development skills such as manners, etiquette and discipline (based on the parents preferred approach) which should also be harmonious with the nanny’s beliefs.
  • Helping with homework, reading, writing and arithmetic
  • 24/7 on call, during working days/weeks

What are the benefits of a Rota Nanny?

Having a rota nanny ensures that the children of busy families are being looked after when the parents are overwhelmed by other responsibilities such as high demanding jobs/events to attend. The nannies are employed to provide the family with the reassurance, security and support they need. Additionally, the team of nannies are usually both qualified and experienced in all aspects of childcare, they will know how to soothe children in discomfort or challenging situations and make sure none of the children are safe, loved, cared for, and educated. 


Rota nannies are like on-the-spot teachers, who will provide support with the children’s development, education, and skills. They are happy to assist with additional learning and any homework too, making it both engaging and informative for the children. Since a rota nanny’s primary focus is the children, they focus all their time and energy on them providing them with experiences, enrichment and building wonderful lifelong memories. They provide safe, loving environments for the kids to thrive and grow in, developing special bonds with the entire family.

Governess and little girl

How can Great British Nannies help you find your match?


Once we discuss your requirements for a Rota Nanny and your family’s unique wishes and environment and understand your needs, your children’s needs and the set up in your household, we will agree on a job description which matches the role before we advertise to find your family the perfect match. We advise you to research and have a checklist of everything you want your Rota Nanny to have and help with prior to the discussion. A reputable agency like GBN can help with the process of hiring the best candidate for the role. All the nannies we put forward for any role are of the highest standard, we do the hard work, sifting through applications taking into account your wishes to ensure that when you are presented with candidates they specifically match what you are seeking to provide the best childcare for your children.

Contact us at info@greatbritishnannies.com today to enquire about a Rota Nanny or other. Maybe you see yourself as a nanny or childcare provider? Read our blogs all things nannying for more information or take a look at our recommended courses below!

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