Four Self-Care Tips For Thriving Over Surviving The Summer Holidays


July, 2020

School’s out for summer, and as a parent or guardian, don’t you know it! The children are full of beans having put away their uniform for the holidays. They’re ready and raring to go for six weeks of fun and adventure and usually hold very high expectations for a magical summer of fun! Gain that connection with your child.

Parents often feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to create an exciting summer holiday schedule full of joyful experiences for their children. This can lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy if your already jam-packed schedule doesn’t afford the time and energy to make this happen.  It’s important to carve out daily moments of self-care throughout this summer holiday season to be able to enjoy it to full potential!

Communicate your needs

Perhaps you have a ‘work from home’ day once or twice a week and would like to enjoy some quality time with your children in amongst your work commitments. Communicating your boundaries with your children is vital as they know when they are able to receive your undivided attention and when they aren’t. Practicing clear, respectful, firm and loving communication with children models excellent self-care to them.

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Embrace community

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Organising group playdates and outings with other families allows parents or nannies the opportunity for connection and community whilst the children have fun playing together. Perhaps you all come together for a game of cricket or a picnic but both child and parent have the freedom to enjoy themselves individually whilst still being connected. Sharing quality time with other parents fosters feelings of connection, love and togetherness and we can guarantee that the children will be having a blast!

Create some family ‘Chill out Time’

Yes, children have BAGS of energy but they also deeply benefit from some quiet relaxation time too. After your little ones have worn themselves out playing in the garden and are red in the face from all the excitement, guide them in moving into some ‘chill out time’.

Ask them to place their hand on their racing heart and close down their eyes. Invite them to breathe deeply into their chest and then down into the stomach, puffing their chest out like a beautiful bird. You can do this together as a beautiful bonding exercise or set up some children’s yoga and meditation on YouTube. Reconnecting to serenity and peace together will provide a self-care boost for you both

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Design a self-care schedule together as a family

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Often we think of self-care as being something we must do alone, but self-caring together can be all the more nourishing. Get out a crayons and a big piece of paper and begin to design your family self-care summer schedule. Invite your children to consider what makes them feel good. How they feel when they do exercise or eat healthy life affirming foods? You might even like to design a family ‘spa day’ and make your own facemasks and scrubs using ingredients from the fridge. Potion making, magical self-care fun!

We hope this blog inspires you to enjoy the summer holidays with a feeling of happiness, self-love and peace by being mindful of getting creative with self-care ideas. As always we love to hear from you! Tag us in your self-care inspired family activities this summer over on Instagram stories. 

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