Summer Bucket List


August, 2022

The summer holidays are here! Most of our children will be off for the next 5-6 weeks for their summer holiday before heading back to school in September. We’ve compiled the ultimate Summer Bucket List for you and your family, some of our favourite family trips and some fun freebies for all to enjoy!


 Oh, we do like to be besides the seaside. Oh, we do like to be besides the sea.  A trip to the beach is always a fun day out for all the family, take your buckets and spades to build sandcastles with and a swimming costume to paddle in the sea. You can even take a packed lunch and have sandwiches on the beach, just watch out for the seagulls! Read this blogpost to make your visit as fuss free as possible.

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 After the UK heatwave, I’m sure many of us invested in a paddling pool, so why not host a pool party for your children and some of their friends? The children will have so much fun splashing around, whilst the adults can sit back and relax. Once they’ve had enough, they can run around the garden and enjoy the summer sun. Just don’t forget their hats, sunscreen and lots of water!



Strawberry picking is such a lovely idea for the family, most places provide you with a basket to walk around the fields and collect your own strawberries. It’s such a unique experience and is more successful during Strawberry picking season in the summer. Find out where your local Strawberry picking farm is here.


 The library is open throughout summer! Libraries are free and perfect for getting your hands on a new book or two. They’re very educational and fun for all the family. So, if you’re on a budget, join up! Some libraries even hold activity days for children so keep an eye on your local site for more information.

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The park is always a great way to burn off some of that built up energy in children and it is free! During the hotter weather make sure to lather on the sun cream, take a picnic and enjoy the day. Making memories over Summer is so important and special.


 The cinema can be a little bit pricey, but it’s a lovely treat for all the family and the holidays is the perfect time to indulge. Many family friendly movies are currently out or coming out this month, so take a look to see if any peak your interests and make a day of it.





Everybody loves baking. Whether you bake it all from scratch or buy a ready-made cupcake set from the supermarket, your kids will have lots of fun stirring the batter and decorating their creations. Why not attempt to make some biscuits shaped as various summer items? Remember– mess is temporary, but the memories are forever!


 One of our favourite things is to visit the animals at the Zoo or Farm, it can be lots of fun as well as educational! In most zoos and farms, they have factual boards near the enclosures, containing all the information on the animals! Why not create a list of animals and see how many your children can tick off during their visit?

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 During the summertime, most of the flowers are out in full bloom. Why not take a walk and pick some? Once you’ve collected a few, you can either make homemade perfume with them or press them in a diary to make a flower press picture to remember the day by. You could also stick some photos of your walk with the flowers, creating a lovely memory book to look back on for years to come.


 For the ultimate summer, sit down together as a family and write down everything you all want to do. Tear them into strips and put them in a container, on the days where you’re bored and struggling to find something to do- pick one at random and create a fun day out of it.

Let us know if you do any of these and tag us on instagram we would love to see what you do!

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