Tips for travelling with kids


February, 2023

The thought of travelling with children can be daunting especially when you’re doing it for the very first time, so here are the best tips and tricks to make your journey a little easier!

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    Plan as much as you can in advance:

    It won’t go exactly to plan, everything with children can be unpredictable so plan what you can figure out and leave the rest to an added part of the adventure. Things you can plan (but can still go wrong) your flights, accommodations, day trips, and your child’s bag which needs to include everything you’d usually pack in your outing bag, along with some extra, travel-sized entertainment.



    Try to research the place you’ll be heading to as much as possible and plan a nice variety of activities to make them as fun and engaging as possible for your children. Also, make sure you have any vaccinations you need in advance and pack any specific medication you may need for the place you’re visiting.

    Don’t postpone it:

    Do not wait until your child is old enough to remember, this holiday is for you too! Travel as often as possible, create memories and see the world with your family. Your children will enjoy the experiences as it will help them to learn and appreciate the different cultures and be open to trying new things!

    Don’t overpack:

    Only pack absolute essentials! You’d be surprised how much you don’t need to pack for your holidays!

    Leave plenty of time to pack:

    On the subject of packing, make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute! By giving yourself plenty of time you can ensure you don’t forget anything in a last-minute rush.

    British Nanny

    Prepare your kids for the trip:

    Get them hyped and excited for the trip by letting them know the destination and some places you plan on going. You could also find some movies or book set in your holiday destination to spark their interest and desire for their trip. 

    Take a road trip:

    Travelling in a car and making stops to see your favourite landmarks is always fun for the whole family and doesn’t need any significant effort. You can stop and go as you please, pack whatever you need and always have it on your person. 


    Keep calm:

    Travelling can be a stressful time, especially with young children. Try to remain calm in those moments as it should be a fun experience for everyone. 

    Keep a travel journal:

    Keep a short and sweet travel journal of your activities and funny things your children did whilst travelling so you can keep your memories forever and bring them up on their 18th birthday of course!

    British Nanny

    Most importantly remember to treasure every moment and have fun!

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