Ways to help children cope with emotions


April, 2023

Helping children to learn how to recognise and understand their emotions is an essential part of their development.  For young children, new challenges and experiences happen every single day and with that come to a range of emotions. As parents and carers, it is up to us to help support them with this step in their development.

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When frustration builds up, younger children can experience a burst of energy. It is important that they can express this in a safe place and let go of some of the built-up frustration. Exercises are a good way to do that, running around freely in the garden or having a dance party to shake it all way is very helpful.


By using a doll or other toy, some children open up much easier about how they are feeling when they are able to mimic themselves. Play is a great way to encourage expression with children, it can help with social, emotional, and behavioural development. It can help them learn how to communicate better and solve problems in a positive way.


Sometimes it can be tricky for children to express their emotions with words. A creative outlet is extremely therapeutic and is a very good way at helping young people to express themselves. Drawing, colouring and painting can all help with providing an outlet to express and calm everyone- including adults!


Sometimes we just need to be heard! Let them shout, sing and make noise to release their emotions and frustrations! Classic pots and pans are a great way to make lots of noise and feel better. Why not join in and make a fun band out of it?

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Identifying emotions 

When your child is having a happy moment, ask them to explain how they are feeling in that moment. This will help them to recognise when they are feeling the opposite and will be able to help label and express them in the future. Creating a feelings tree is a great tool to help them to learn the different emotions and feelings people feel. You can sit and make one together, discussing in depth what each one feels like. 

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