Reasons why working with children is a gift like no other

August, 2018
It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together. It fills us with delight to place nannies, governesses and tutors with their ideal family in which both parties will be happy and contended. We make it a priority to ensure that each candidate’s skillset and expertise will be utilised to its full potential, allowing the candidate to feel fulfilled within their role of educator and caregiver. It’s wonderful to impart knowledge to children and to watch them flourish and grow through what they have been taught.  Likewise, as caregivers to children we are gifted with priceless joy and they teach us how to be playful and how to reconnect with true happiness.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

Which leads perfectly onto reason number 1…

Working with children allows us to experience joy
Children know how to have fun, they know what makes them smile and feel happy.  Children are incredibly wise in that they understand what makes them feel good.  Playing outside in nature and using their imaginations to invent new games are the times when children are happiest.  In doing things that make them feel joyous they in turn gift those around them with the same energy. When we play with children we enter their magical realm of endless fun and possibility!
Children put things into perspective
Children help adults to view life through a different lens and to connect with the playful parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten about.  Children tend not to dwell on sadness and if encouraged to, are able to move through natural emotions with ease.  Children have such vivid imaginations and tend to be optimistic with a ‘glass half full mentality’.  Children radiate positivity so naturally. Beats negative staff room chat any day of the week!
They are completely themselves
Generally, children express themselves freely and can connect easily with the things which make them happy.  They have yet to learn what is socially appropriate and therefore don’t feel the need to hide quirky aspects of their personalities.  Also there should be a whole article dedicated to this, the funny things that children say!

Children make us laugh; they are uninhibited and provide incredibly valuable insights which we can learn from.  As adults we are able to support children in wonderful ways, through caring for them and educating them but it’s important that we let them know first and foremost how loved and cherished they are.  We would be delighted to receive stories about children you care for regarding how they have brought such joy to your life.  It could be a funny joke they told, a dance that you perform together or their sweet little gestures to show you how much they care! Please share your heart-warming moments with us via our email, Facebook page or Instagram.  Let’s celebrate the little bundles of joy that we are lucky enough to work with in all their uniqueness and magic!


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