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      Module 4

      Building your CV

      Governess Course

      This module covers absolutely everything you’ll need to know when building your CV for a Governess or Governor specific role. This CV will be different to your previous CV’s, use this module to gain a real understanding on writing your CV so you can stand out from the crowd. We’ll also give some insight on the role of a nanny agency, what to expect during the interview stages, job trials as well as what to expect in the contract.

      You should now be at the stage of starting to look for a job, so let’s talk about CVs. Most agencies have a format that they prefer to put your CV into before they send it to parents, but you will still need to create your own CV to send to agencies.

       This is my CV from when I had just completed my first short term governess role. I’ve added notes after each section so you can see how I’ve chosen what to include.

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