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Our bespoke approach to childcare means your child’s additional needs are fully taken into consideration when recruiting a SEN trained nanny. Speak to our dedicated team today to find out more about our special needs nanny services.

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Hire a specialised trained nanny to support your child’s special educational needs

As a parent of a child with additional needs, employing a nanny with specialised skills to work alongside your child, that can understand their unique needs whilst offering a professional, kind and fun approach to learning is a necessity. Sourcing a person that is able to come into your home and provide your child with the special care they deserve, offer qualified knowledge and advice whilst providing respite to the rest of the family is our aim.

At Great British Nannies, we’ll help you find that something extra


You can trust our hand-selected nannies, tutors, and governesses to show the same level of patience, kindness, and encouragement to your child that you do. Working around the specific physical, cognitive, and developmental needs of your child or children, you can be confident they’ll thrive and be happy when in the care of a qualified specialist.
From anticipating your child’s needs to celebrating new milestones and successes, our specialist SEN candidates understand what is important to both your child and the rest of the family. At Great British Nannies we seek only the best candidates that wish to work in collaboration with you to achieve the very best for every member of the family.


Our nannies, governesses, and tutors arrive at Great British Nannies with a breadth of SEN experience that enables them to approach a range of disabilities and neurological conditions with unequivocal understanding and empathy. Their knowledge and insight into the characteristics and behaviours associated with a variety of SEN diagnoses, from minor to complex, and how these may affect the individual and the family, ensures our nannies are perfectly positioned to address any parental anxieties, be proactive in managing the needs of the child, and to offer training and support to the family and team around the child as necessary.


Personable and friendly, whilst taking a consistent approach towards learning and behaviour management, we expect our candidates to tailor their approach to childcare around each individual. Working at your child’s own level of development, we promote inclusive play with their siblings and peers, encouraging your child to access new activities, and enjoy sensory experiences. Whether it’s learning to take turns or eliciting a little smile, their attainment is at the core of all we do, and we recognise that even the smallest of steps are sometimes the biggest.



Great British Nannies welcome a diverse range of teaching staff, therapists and clinical professionals as potential candidates, sharing their expertise with the right families at the right time. Highly skilled, fully qualified and DBS checked, our specialist nannies can provide a variety of support including facilitating effective communication (signing, using AAC devices, and implementing speech and language therapy advice), promoting physical activity (through physiotherapy sessions and the Bobath method), managing behaviour, and performing medical care (for example, tube feeding, tracheostomy management, and suctioning).

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