I have worked as a Maternity Nurse, Head Nanny/Nanny and Governess for over 30 years working with several agencies. Since working with Great British Nannies, I found I have been guided through every step while applying for a position. The level of professionalism is outstanding. For me a good agency is one that will do a good background and reference check and Cleo certainly did that. Cleo is an easy going individual, nothing is too much trouble. Her professionalism shows through as she continues to run an exemplary service for both the families and the ladies within her agency. As a Maternity Nurse seeking employment with a family, she was in constant contact to confirm at what level the negotiations for a contract were at. I highly recommend her services to both staff seeking employment to families looking for the perfect placement to help in their home pairing the right person with the right job is an art one that Cleo has mastered. I hope to be working with her for many years to come. I highly recommend the agency.