Ok, so here’s something we don’t often discuss, but come on, us nannies have got to have the funniest and most awkward stories when it comes to a working environment, am I right? If you think you have the funniest nannying stories, let us know!

Working so closely with a family that isn’t yours, being one of their own, but not at the same time. Answering questions, you’re not often sure you’re qualified to do so, and no day ever being the same is part of what makes being a nanny such fun. I know I’ve had more than my fair share of nanny faux pas, fortunately, nobody was ever harmed in the process and the funny side was always seen by all parties involved!

We thought it would be funny to write a short blog with a couple of our funny stories to start the conversation.

Here’s a couple of mine to get the funniest nanny story started!

11 years ago, I hopped on a plane and headed towards my first overseas nanny role. Having never worked for a VIP family before and being in my early 20s I was certainly still learning the ropes and how to read the room. Although, given this varies by countries, culture, and religion, I’m of firm belief that this is an ever-evolving education for us nannies. I mean, there are obvious things that come as standard, that if you are to be successful within the private staffing industry, you’ll usually carry naturally. Such as appropriate manners and etiquette along with the ability to swiftly learn how to naturally navigate the often different and unfamiliar situations you might find yourself in.

Any who, back to the story, for context, I was purposely adding to the suspense…

A week into my new home in Moscow, the family informed me we would be travelling to the Maldives in two weeks’ time and were making sure I was all set for summer clothing, given it was – 20 degrees Celsius where we were at the time. I had brought my summer clothes, although, as someone who was never keen on one piece swimming costumes, I felt it was necessary to double check with the mother whether I may wear a two-piece swimsuit or if she would prefer, I go shopping for a one-piece swimsuit. Well, sadly, between her broken English and my non-existent Russian, she had somehow derived that I was asking if I may go topless. Her face said it all. She brushed it off with a joke about the boys wouldn’t know where to look. I immediately reached for my Google translate application on my phone and translated what I meant to ask, meanwhile my face was burning red as I tried to delicately explain that isn’t what I had meant at all. Well, fortunately, the result was us both howling with laughter, going back and forth with the translator, and agreeing that a two piece was fine as far as she was concerned as long as it wasn’t inappropriate. So, I would always check with the family’s personal assistant or head nanny if you have any questions regarding work attire and especially if you speak a different language to your employers!

Another funniest nannying story of mine was when a child had been learning about religion in school and was contemplating heaven, and her beliefs. Something I have never suggested was an area of expertise. Always allowing a family to lead with their religious beliefs and gently go with them, researching and such like as to make sure I am aware of everything I need to be. Anyway, one curious little girl was discussing her beliefs and probing me for mine. As she continued to talk, I listened carefully allowing her to speak and digesting her thoughts and feelings on the matter. To which she concluded, how can heaven be real if astronauts aren’t passing it on the way to space. If we can’t or haven’t seen it surely it isn’t real. It took everything in me not to get the giggles as it was the sweetest and most intelligent little thought process I’d come across in a while and had to think fast to make sure her thoughts and feelings were validated. I kindly asked her if she could see love. To which she responded “no”. I asked if she believes love exists. She said “yes!” immediately. I said, well perhaps that is what heaven is like, and maybe she would like to discuss this further with her R.E teacher who she gets on well with and would be able to answer her questions more adequately on that subject area. Whilst that wasn’t a howling with laughter funniest nanny moment. It was one of mine, because I was stumped and amazed at how smart children are and how sweet their ideas are. I smiled and giggled to myself as I said goodnight. And that sweet and funny comment shall stay with me forever!

We would love for you nannies to join in and comment on your funniest nannying stories. Please for all purposes, keep it fun, light-hearted, and confidential above all!

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