Babysitter 101!


November, 2021

Everything to expect when hiring a babysitter!


What is a babysitter?

A babysitter is someone who temporarily cares for children of all ages, who require supervision on behalf of the parents or guardians when they are unable to. They usually watch the children for a few short hours. They can supervise and monitor the safety of the children. Organise activities and stimulation for them, prepare meals and snacks and help keep them hygienic and clean. You should expect your babysitter to have a genuine passion for working with children, who understands their needs and requirements. Depending on the ages of the children, babysitters can take and collect them from school and extracurricular activities.


Why should you get a babysitter?

Working parents and guardians may consider a babysitter, they are reliable and qualified with handling all your children’s needs. It can put your mind at rest when you’re working a hectic busy day, knowing that your child is in safe hands.

On the other hand, a parent or guardian who needs a break and time to unwind may consider a babysitter for a few short hours. This is helpful as you don’t have to rely on friends and family for childcare. Every parent needs some time to relax and should never feel guilty for it.

Things to consider when hiring a babysitter?

When hiring a babysitter we recommend you consider various things, after all these people will be watching your child. Someone you can trust is a huge one as they will be having access to your home and most importantly be caring for your child. You want to hire someone who has had to correct background checks, training, and education within childcare. Experienced babysitters who have had to correct training are the safest and most resourceful. Many babysitters have years of experience with children and are capable of adjusting to your child’s needs and schedules.

However, babysitters do not legally have to have said requirements, and a lot of young people take to babysitting to earn some extra money. Ensuring your children get along with their babysitters is the main thing, you want them to feel safe and have fun in your absence. Some families consider trusted family friends or even neighbors to watch their kids for a small fee. Many parents feel more comfortable leaving their children with someone known to them.

The Childcare Act 2006 says childcare is any form of care for a child. This includes any education, care, or other supervised activity. Any provider caring for children aged 8 or under for more than two hours a day, must be registered and approved by Ofsted.

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How much does a babysitter cost?

The average hourly cost of a babysitter is £8.84 in the UK. However, it varies from area to area with London being the costliest at £8.88 on average.

You can expect to pay around £120 per week for 25 hours of part-time childcare with a babysitter or childminder. Whereas sending a child to a part-time nursery costs almost £140. For a full-time babysitter, it would cost around £227 a week but for a full-time nursery, it would cost £263 a week. Ultimately, however it comes down to yourself, the employee on how much to pay your babysitter hourly.

Some babysitters (as with all childcare providers) may charge more for children under the age of two. This is due to the level of care needed, i.e. changing nappies and feeding them bottles.

It still works out cheaper than a nursery or nanny. Not only is babysitting more affordable, but your child(ren) would also get that one-on-one attention and care, ensuring all milestones are reached and in the comfort of their own familiar home environment.

Useful tips and tricks

With your babysitter allow open communication so that they can call you whenever they have an urgent question or want permission for something (i.e. taking the children out). Map out any rules you want the babysitter to follow when caring for your child and give them an idea of your expectations when it comes to homework or the children’s chores. Setting these requirements and expectations helps avoid any issues or conflict in the future.

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