6 Effective Ways to Apply Conscious Parenting to Your Family Unit


July, 2019

The arrival of beautiful new royal baby Archie has introduced an openly ‘conscious’ approach to parenting adopted by new parents Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. Their profound personal life experiences as individuals means that they now unite as a family with a broadened perspective of what a child needs to develop and thrive.

The reports of hypnobirthing techniques, positive affirmations and a supportive doula to guide the duchess into motherhood with ease seems a little unorthodox by usual royal protocol. However, it’s clear that Harry and Meghan represent a new wave of conscious parents who lead with love, awareness and progressive attitudes.

Conscious parenting is a template that ensures the children of the future are happy, balanced and at ease in our beautiful world. We’ve put together some of the key principles for you to enjoy and reflect upon.

1. Emotional Intelligence

Conscious parents engage and connect with their children using emotionally intelligent discipline choices rather than punitive methods because the brain thrives on connection and empathy. Conscious parents consider why their child may be behaving a certain way and approach each situation with an investigative mind.

2. Self Regulation

The ability to self-regulate is vital for creating a foundation of balance and resilience with a positive outlook. Modelling self regulation to children includes communicating with a child on their level using language they understand. Showing empathy for their emotions and feelings, attuning to the child’s emotional tone and responding with calmness. Giving them time and space to process and reflect and very importantly, allow them to play and express through creativity.

3. Communicating with Love

Conscious parents are mindful of the language they use around their children. They are aware that their child’s mind is a delicate sponge which soaks up the knowledge and energy of their surroundings. They consider whether their language affirms love, safety, empathy, understanding, trust and a sense of calm and security. Conscious parents are always mindful of strengthening a positive attachment with their child, and vice versa.

4. They Give the Gift of Time

Conscious parents know that the most loving thing they can offer is their time and undivided attention. Their mindful presence, without distraction. They know that painting a picture with their child and asking questions about their creation is quality time. They know that being there early for their school play and cheering them on means the world to them. They know that each shared moment with their child is a precious gift to treasure.

5. They Talk Less and ask More

They ask about how their child’s day was and listen closely. They ask what their favourite colour is and why. They ask when they feel happiest and pay close attention to their response. Conscious parents recognise that children are precious teachers of innocence, joy and unconditional love. They look, listen and learn and view this opportunity as a priceless gift to grow in wisdom and understanding.

6. They are Authentic

Conscious parents have valuable life experience and understand that life has its ups and downs and know that life isn’t sunny all the time. They encourage openness and model non-judgement when it comes to expressing emotions and feelings. They share their wisdom and insights when appropriate and always show unconditional love.

If you would like to continue learning about conscious parenting, there are some excellent resources we can signpost you to. Shefali Tsabarg shares some wonderful teachings on this topic. You can find her on Amazon and Youtube.

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