Tips how to cope with Coronavirus Pandemic for Nannies & Parents


March, 2020

How can nannies and parents apply better measures to keep themselves and their children safe and happy at this particularly uncertain and difficult time globally?

During this uncertain period we could all do with some advice on how to keep ourselves strong and well.

Coronavirus is spread mostly by coughing and touching infected surfaces. We advise kitting out the household with some bum bags or fanny packs where each individual can have their own sanitizers, handkerchiefs, masks, rubber gloves if necessary, your own personal prevent germs kit.

You can always let your child or charge pick out their own bags so they feel more a part of the process and connected to the process of maintaining hygiene recommendations. Obviously it depends on the age of your children and how much they are able to understand. Do stay calm and continue to repeat the importance of hygiene measures whilst this continues, keeping your children well will have a great impact on the population, especially as they will want to be around their elderly family at some point sooner rather than later.

More than ever, please do be vigilant and aware of what children are touching and ensuring their hands are clean at all times, especially after having been outside.

Practice social distancing and try to explain to your children why it is important to do so during this time. Keeping calm during this period may feel like a difficult task but it is important to remain positive and try to keep your spirits high along with the children’s so that they are not subject to too much anxiety which may have a negative affect later down the line.

Studies have suggested that the rise in cortisol, the stress hormone can have a negative impact on the immune system so keeping calm is imperative.

If you are spending a lot of time at home, as it has been suggested we all take such responsibility for right now it might be a good time to introduce yourselves and your children to mindfulness. Calm and soothe the mind with some yoga, meditation and positive affirmations.

You might spend some time designing gratitude cards and reminding yourselves of the things we can be grateful for during global hardships. Get the music on, live in the moment, build some indoor forts, make your own superhero costumes and be as wildly creative as you wish, finally, besides the circumstances being less than desirable there is a time to connect with our inner child’s and have some time for introspection.

This may be a challenging time but do not let it steal your light. We will get through this period together. If you have more time at home than usual, do ensure you are using antibacterial wipes and sprays on your surfaces regularly.

Try to keep to a routine schedule, especially if you are self-isolating, set yourself up with a timetable of different activities daily so that you are able to keep yourselves and the children entertained and with some level of normality. Do make sure you communicate with your children effectively about safety measures whilst putting their minds at ease so they do not feel afraid to ask you questions or speak up about their concerns.

For children that are able to be left alone, in their rooms it would be good for everyone to have some alone time, if you feel there is tension in your household take some alone time. We aren’t used to being in each other’s company so much, and although we are complying for higher purpose it may prove challenging. Discuss this with each other and laugh it out.

Bring out the board games and spend some time bonding as a family, tell each other stories. This time can provide some positivity.

Make sure you keep your Vitamin C intake up and eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. Honey, lemon and ginger are three standard little helpers when fighting such symptoms.

Remember that keeping our immune systems strong will have an impact globally. If you have any great points to add please leave them in the comments below for other readers!

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Keep smiling, better times are ahead.