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      Create Perfect Fuss-free Date Night for you and Your Partner


      March, 2019

      You may struggle to remember what date night looks like, let alone feels like.  Amongst the demands of parenthood and list of things to do, romance quickly drops to the bottom of the pile. 

      It may not feel like a priority but couples who create a weekly non-negotiable ‘date night’ in the diary witness countless positive effects within their intimate relationship and family dynamic.  When Mum and Dad are able to able to maintain a solid and united front children feel more secure and experience first-hand what a loving relationship looks like.

      We get it though, even the thought of making an effort to dress up and go out to dinner might be making you feel exhausted. That’s why we’ve come up with some fuss-free ideas to make your ‘date night’ as do-able as possible.

      Like a self-care date you may be limited on time one week and the next you have longer to spend.  Below are some ideas to re-kindle the romance whatever your schedule looks like.

      Limited on Time 

      So the children are finally tucked up in bed and are definitely sound asleep, this leaves you and your partner approximately one hour to spend together before one of you falls asleep. Be resourceful with the time you have, prepare or order in your favourite food to share together with candlelight and soft music. Offer to give your partner a shoulder rub. The key to a ‘micro date’ is to be present and undistracted. Put phones away and turn off the television to ensure that the time you have together is quality and well spent.

      Time to Spare

      If you’re new parents or feeling particularly exhausted, movie night is a winning option.  Romantic details create a date-like feel even with the baby monitor next to you.  Choose a title that means something to you both, it could be the first film you watched together or one that your partner has been looking forward to watching.  Create a cosy feel with snuggly blankets, candlelight and delicious snacks.  Cuddle up and enjoy!

      Time to Splurge

      For guaranteed time that’s dedicated to you and your partner, you may like to enlist the support of a nanny for the night or the weekend.  This allows you to be totally present with your partner without distractions. It’s a powerful declaration of commitment to your relationship to make connection a priority and to nurture intimacy. Write a list of experiences you’d love to have with your partner and ask them to do the same. Then fold up each idea and put them in your ‘date jar’. Take turns picking from the jar to create beautiful new memories together to cherish.

      Whatever you and your partner decide to do on your ‘date night’ it’ll be unique to you. Maybe ‘day dates’ are more your thing and as we come into spring it’s a perfect opportunity to allow your intimate relationship to come into full bloom.  Yes, you may be mum and dad but first and foremost you are lovers and friends.

      If you’d like to find out more about how Great British Nannies can assist with creating your perfect date, please get in touch. We’ve got the childcare covered which will allow you to only have eyes and ears for each other.

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