5 Fun Ways to Weave Outdoor Family Fitness into Your Activity Schedule


July, 2019

It’s Wimbledon season over here in England, a time when many of us dust off the tennis rackets once more, feeling the inspiration to stretch our legs and have seek out some friendly competition! Exercise is crucial for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and to do sporting activities together as a family further boosts the release of feel good hormones.

So we’re not suggesting that you skip the strawberries and pimms altogether this Wimbledon season, simply to enjoy life’s pleasures alongside some good old fashioned family sporting fun! Below are our top five ideas for outdoor exercise with the family this summer. 

Family Sports Day

Sit down as a family and discuss how your family fun day is going to run. Each member of the family can share which sports day activity they most enjoy then together you make it happen! From egg and spoon and four legged and relay races to tug of war, let your imaginations run free for your very own family fun day. When the fun and games have drawn to a close be sure to prepare some delicious cooling refreshments to enjoy together!

Set out a Family Assault Course

Get a healthy dose of adrenaline pumping with an opportunity to showcase a determined family spirit by overcoming obstacles. Great for cultivating a strong mind-set!

You might like to host your family assault course at a local park with equipment already there to use, including monkey bars, zip wires and tight rope style challenges. If you are creating your own you may like to create hurdles, tyre stepping, long jump and mini trampolines. If you’re really going to push the boat out why not hire a bouncy castle for the occasion!

Design a Family Triathlon

Big and little warriors, are you ready for action?! Perhaps there are special lands that your family like to visit and hold a special place in your heart. Provided there’s open space for running and a water source, bring the bikes and get ready to have some fun! Triathlon’s bring out dogged determination in both the young and old(er), they allow us to overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate feelings of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Have Fun Sporting in the Water 

Exercise + water = all the more fun! Enjoy a family game of water polo, rafting games or why not throw in some synchronised swimming! Play mermaids and mermens, role play scenes from finding nemo. Lets not forget the good old classic game of playing shark, the aquatic version of tag! Simply being in water has many positive effects on the body including aiding with relaxation and the release of positive endorphins, better yet if it’s a natural water supply. So dive right in and let the games begin!

Mini Family Olympics

Go all out and design your very own mini Olympics complete with opening and closing ceremonies. Have fun preparing the event; creating medals, certificates and special refreshments with your mini Olympians. Think long jump, javelin, shot-put, 500 metre race, gymnastics and beyond! The main aim of the games is to come together as a family and celebrate the joy of teamwork and a positive sporting spirit.

All that’s left to say is, on your marks, get set, GO and enjoy the beautiful great outdoors in sporting style this summer! Please if you have a moment do let us know what you get up to and as always we love to see your tagged stories on Instagram! @greatbritishnannies


Happy summertime to one and all!