Five Tips for a Fuss-Free Trip to The Seaside this Summer


January, 2021

As the old song goes ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!’ and let’s face it, don’t we all! For children and adults alike a day at the seaside is a guaranteed way to blow off the cobwebs and have some fun! Come rain or shine there’s plenty of things to smile about when enjoying a trip to the seaside. We’ve come up with some beach friendly hacks sure to make your day of family fun as smooth running as possible.

Check your mindset for your trip

When Mum, Dad or Nanny are feeling in a relaxed mood ready to have an enjoyable time your children feel it. Children have magical antennas of perception that can read the body language, mood and emotions of their care-givers. When their guardians feel good, children feel good and are extra excited, stress-free and ready to have some FUN!

family relax time

Set up your fortress

private time

Children love to make things into a game, it just makes life that much more amusing and enjoyable. Creating your family fortress as your beachside base creates a feeling of awe, wonder and excitement for your little ones. You may choose to bring a wind-breaker or tent along with you and the children may like to create a border to your magical den with shells and other swept up shore findings. Create a cosy ‘nap zone’ to make afternoon siestas all the more appealing.

Beach friendly snack supplies

Make sandy sandwiches a thing of the past by creating a beach friendly picnic menu with your little ones. Think about the foods you enjoy and whether they’re suitable for a day at the beach. Bring your bamboo lunch boxes and re-usable picnic supplies to create a magical lunchtime. Freshly cut fruits work wonderfully as can be rinsed off if they get sandy. Squeeze-able yoghurt pouches are also a great option for a mid morning snack from the cool box.

beach picnic

Protection from the rays


It’s a good idea to apply sunscreen before setting out on your seaside adventure because as soon as children get to the beach they’ll want to play! Choosing ethical and non-toxic sun lotion is something that many parents are becoming much more conscious of. Naturally parents want to make the best decisions for their children and in realising this make positive and life affirming positive choices for themselves too. Be aware of the quality and level of sun protection you are using, being sure to reapply as and when necessary.

Create a ‘Zen pen’

This one ties in wonderfully with the creation of your magical fortress and is a great place for some downtime when your little ones might need a dose of relaxation. Set up the space with some comfy cushions and perhaps some books for a relaxing story time before a restorative nap. A ‘Zen pen’ can be a shaded space to retreat to when those hot and bothered beach moments strike!

cozy reading corner

We wish you a wonderful time at the seaside and we hope that the weather stays fine, but if it doesn’t we know you’ll still make of it a wonderful time. As always we love to see your pictures and stories over on Instagram! Be sure to tag us in your sandcastle selfies.

With love,

Great British Nannies

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