Ideas for New Mamas in Need of Some Self-Care Nourishment During Post-Partum


June, 2019

Your long anticipated precious bundle of joy is finally here. You may feel elated, afraid, anxious, calm or overwhelmed. It’s likely that you have moments of feeling all of the above. The post-partum phase after baby’s arrival can feel like wandering in the abyss of heightened emotions, unsure of which way to turn. One day you may feel joyful and calm, the next irrational and enraged. Up until recent times there may have been an element of shame in expressing these range of emotions, but not anymore as we unite in our human-ness and ability to be vulnerable.

The six-week period following baby’s birth is referred to as the puerperium. During this time a mother’s body reverts to its non-pregnant state and they undergo an intense period of healing on a physical and emotional level.

Balancing Hormones After Childbirth

Each new mother will experience this period uniquely; it is important to stress that there is no right or wrong way to heal after bringing a precious new life into the world. Typically, symptoms related to hormone imbalance should be prevalent for a few weeks after delivery usually about 6 to 8 weeks. Symptoms related to hormones while breastfeeding will remain in the body for as long as a woman breastfeeds. There are many ways in which you can assist your body in coming back into balance including a nutritional route to holistic wellness and constantly remembering to be kind to yourself and view yourself and your body with compassion and love.

Nourishing Your Body

Great British mama you carried and delivered into this world the incredible gift of new human life. This is a very big deal! As hard as it can be in this modern world, please try not to compare your experience of new motherhood and your post-partum body to anyone else’s. You are perfect and beautiful; you are the creator of new life. Your body is your temple and nourishing it is for nobody’s benefit but yours and your precious new bundle of joy. Gentle exercise can help in boosting feel good hormones and working with the body after childbirth. Something soothing and relaxing like yin or restorative yoga is a perfect way to care for your mind, body and spirit and will fill your new mama cup right up. Also ensuring that you include plenty of protein within your diet along with healthy fats will help to bring your body back into balance alongside limitless green tea.

Caring for Your Mind

Adjusting to the precious new tiny addition in your family will take time, accept this, understand this and again, treat yourself with kindness and compassion. As a new parent it’s vital for mental wellbeing to have a daily practice of self-care. This can absolutely be a micro-moment. Between feeds as baby rests his or her eyes take the opportunity to focus on the present moment, to breathe deeply into the womb space and give gratitude to the miracle of your body. Just a few minutes of mindfulness and meditative perspective goes a long way towards encouraging a mind-set of acceptance, love and appreciation for whatever experiences may arise.

Last but not least Great British mama, we are in awe YOU! For growing a baby in your belly, nurturing it with love and birthing new life into our beautiful world. You are strong, courageous, wise and loving and we thank you for reading.

 With love

 Great British Nannies

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