Interview With Our Wonderful Great British Nannies Founder Cleo


May, 2019

Founded in 2014 Great British Nannies is a boutique nanny agency rooted in the intention to provide childcare with a difference. For founder Cleo, the Great British Nannies mission goes far beyond a business or a brand, it is a passion and she is motivated by purpose.  We caught up with Cleo to find out more about her own childhood, her inspirations and hopes for the future.

What inspired you to start Great British Nannies? Also what motivates you?

I was inspired to start Great British Nannies by my own love and passion for working closely with families and seeing the positive results that could be made when the chemistry between the family and the nanny and governess is right. When both family and nanny have the genuine support of an agency that cares about them both, not just whilst making the placement but also long after. Being a part of a strong overseas nanny and governess community and having been fortunate enough to be involved with families of all backgrounds including high profile and VIP, I started to gain a real understanding of the requirements and needs within their households, as well as those of the childcare providers. It was my dream to make as many of these harmonious and fulfilling placement as possible which is still as evident 5 years on.

What makes Great British Nannies unique?

We are a boutique agency that only take a select few roles on at a time so that we are able to dedicate our time to each placements it deserves. We don’t over stretch ourselves. Our team are genuinely loving and caring people with a passion for education, mindfulness and trust. We pride ourselves on making long lasting relationships with great families and nannies, mannies, governesses and governors. The childcare providers that represent our agency absolutely love their role in assisting families through caring for and educating the children in their charge.

As the founder and director what makes you happiest with your work?

As the director of a nanny agency nothing makes me happier than hearing about the happiness the childcare provider brings to a family, and when the nanny or governess is just as content in their work and are treated as part of the family. When for the nanny work doesn’t feel like ‘work’ in the typical sense, and when their knowledge and creativity is shining through the children in their care. In addition, when the parents/guardians are at complete ease with their children in the care of one of our wonderful Great British nannies.

What are your core values?

Our core values are simple. Give each family and nanny the dedication they deserve when we make each placement and ensure both parties feel supported by us. To continue to spread positive messages through our blog writing and social media pages giving sound advice to both parents and nannies that is relevant to their environment. We aim to be the childcare agency that families and nannies return to work exclusively with because they feel the dedication of the service we provide.

How would you like the world to have changed for the better within the next 50 years?

I would really love to see a positive change in areas which involve children being active and enjoying nature. To see children building things from recyclable materials and being allowed to pursue their talents and dreams in a way that is celebrated, not necessarily formed by a school curriculum. For there to be less screen time and more time to make genuine connections, socialise with peers and feel able to speak openly about their dreams. A world that is retracting its current state with mindfully educated children forming amazing ideas that support one another in their missions.

What are you proudest of with Great British Nannies?

I am proud of my team, for continuing to strive and believe in our mission. For starting and ending the day with a smile. For the creativity and love they put into the work we do and for allowing me to pursue this wonderful lifelong dream and personal mission to run a business that I love.

What were you like as a child?

I was a very energetic child that played a lot of sports including running, netball, football, swimming, well you name it I was into it. I was the class comedian and come from a tight-knit family. I loved to play board games with my large family and have wonderful childhood memories of spending my weekends with my cousins and uncles and aunts. I was a little cheeky and loved to be around people. My favourite subjects at school were English, P.E and Drama.

Tell us three things about yourself

I love to practice yoga and meditation, travelling and being close to nature and taking photos is my favourite hobby. I dream about starting acting classes again as I loved Drama and Theatre studies at school and would love to escape in learning lines and being on stage from time to time. Additionally, I write poetry (oops that’s 4).

What do you see for the future of GBN? What plans do you have in the pipeline?

I see GBN to continue to make wonderful placements and grow in a way that still allows us to keep our boutique nanny agency status and keep giving the same attention to detail as we do now. I hope for us to continue to provide relevant content and information for future generations of nannies.