Top four reasons to hire a Manny as your childcare professional


January, 2021

We’ve noticed a growing number of our clients requesting to learn more about welcoming a Manny into their family. Whilst not quite yet as mainstream as a Nanny, there’s no doubt that the benefits of having a male childcare provider are becoming increasingly recognised. Here are our top 4 reasons why Mannies make an excellent choice.

They can be excellent role models

We find that many families are looking for a supportive and protective masculine energy to nurture their son(s) in sporting activities and fulfil an ‘older brother’ type role which may allow for an increase in their child’s confidence and sense of self. By nature, men thrive in active, outward pursuits which make them great companions for particularly junior and senior school age children.

manny cooking

They offer a fresh perspective

manny chidlren computer

Whilst nannies tend to naturally offer compassionate care, nurturance and patience, Mannies offer the inherently masculine traits which are of course essential for balance. Men tend to innately posses rational, linear and goal orientated thinking and a sense of independence with a bias for action. Having a Manny in your family allows your child to enhance their left brain functioning skills of practicality and logic.

Offer discipline and motivation

Many Mannies come from a sports coaching background which means that they may be able to offer a boost to your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Coaches are skilled in bringing out the best in others, encouraging whoever they work with to follow their passions and hone their skills. It’s amazing how positive reinforcement can really allow children to thrive and having a Manny who promotes the notion that ‘anything is possible’ will undoubtedly provide your child with a ‘can do’ attitude. A Manny is able to model positive thinking and habits.

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Feelings of safety and protection

manny outdoor play

Many single mothers or parents travelling without their partners feel a sense of safety and comfort as an additional benefit of hiring a male Nanny. Whilst many high profile families have specialised members of their team such as bodyguards and security professionals, a masculine presence within the childcare environment is often highly valued.  

Dependant on your family’s needs, Mannies can provide sole charge care or proxy parenting. You may also prefer that your Manny works alongside you as a caregiving support. Hiring a native speaking Manny allows your child the opportunity to learn a second language in a fun, effortless and interactive way. 

Many parents find that having a native speaking Nanny or Manny is the best way for their child to enhance their second language acquisition skills, as it is informal and their child is able to learn subconsciously. A Manny is able to tailor activities to the interests of your child which in turn builds feelings of connection and bonding. When children are engaged and excited about something they naturally flourish and this is the type of attitude that all Great British Mannies possess.

We hope that this blog post has given you further insight into the many advantageous reasons to hire a Manny as your chosen childcare professional. If you would like to learn more about welcoming a Manny into your family, please reach out to one of our dedicated team who will be so happy to assist. Explore more benefits of hiring a Manny here.