Why Hiring a Maternity Nurse Makes all the Difference for New Mamas


January, 2021

Recent reports show that an increasing number of women are enlisting additional support for both birthing and post natal stages of pregnancy. With an increase in demand for post-partum doulas comes a resurgence in the call for Maternity Nannies. A Maternity Nurse is a post-natal carer who supports the new mother in the comfort of her own home. She undertakes nursery duties and is on hand to help the new mother find her feet after the life changing experience of childbirth. We receive so much positive feedback from families who have opted to hire a Maternity Nurse as part of their post natal plan, here are a few of our favourite reasons why hiring a Maternity Nurse makes all the difference for new mamas.

Maternity Nurses possess a lot of knowledge

A post-natal carer who will have extensive experience working with new-born babies and new mothers in a home setting. She will be a go-to source of wisdom as the new mother navigates these initial stages of motherhood. A Maternity Nurse will be able to provide advice and assistance with breastfeeding and lactation or bottle feeding preparation and sterilisation.

maternity nurse knowledge

Mama is able to get some beauty sleep

mother sleeping with baby

For many new mother’s sleep deprivation can be one of the most challenging aspects of the initial post-partum period with their new baby. Sleep is as essential to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing and is imperative for maintaining an overall feeling of wellness. Sleeping helps us to recuperate from mental and physical exertion which in the instance of childbirth is immense. Welcoming a Maternity Nanny into your post-partum plan will allow you to catch-up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

Help to restore a sense of balance

The process of pregnancy, childbirth and period of recovery afterwards takes a massive toll on the body. Having a Maternity Nanny present allows you to take some time for yourself to give your body what it needs. This may be a long hot bath with candles and gentle music, it may be receiving a nurturing massage or perhaps simply just sitting quietly with a cup of tea. When mama is able to fill up her cup the whole family benefits.

happy couple

Grow in confidence

mother with baby buggy

Receiving the support of a Maternity Nurse allows the new mother to be guided, nurtured and coached in the best ways to care for a new-born baby. Many new mothers feel overwhelmed by the responsibility to care for a tiny new life so having an experienced mentor alongside you eases the strain immensely. Despite perhaps having read countless books on caring for a new-born baby, we grow in confidence and learn best when we are ‘hands on’ and have a trusted guide to answer questions and provide reassurance along the way.

Feelings of support

During the six-week postpartum period following childbirth the new mothers body, hormone levels and uterus size returns to its non-pregnant state. Having practical and emotional support during this crucial time has countless positive effects for both mother and baby. As the new mother is able to regain balance and grow in confidence in her new role, this ensures a positive and strong bond is formed between mother and baby and a secure attachment is formed.

baby hand

If you are interested in learning more about how a maternity nurse can benefit your post-birth plan, please get in touch with one of the team who will be so happy to explore the options with you. 

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