12 attributes of a great Nanny!
July, 2017
Hiring a nanny is an extremely important decision for parents, especially when trying to understand what exactly will make the right nanny for your child. Every parent wants a nanny who will provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for their child, whilst at the same time implementing good manners and setting good standards with regards to discipline. The key to having a great relationship between the nanny and the employer is quite simply communication. If the nanny knows of your requirements and specifications and is also able to freely express his/hers expertise in a field they have experience in there is no reason why the relationship between nanny/parent and nanny/child should not be harmonious. Take time to get to know your nanny so that they feel able to approach you and give you honest feedback with regard to your child(s) upbringing. We have come up with a useful list of key things we believe is essential in a great nanny!
What makes a great nanny?
1. Making a positive difference…

A great nanny is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the children in her care. They show utmost respect and commitment to their roles and want to teach the child in many areas helping them to flourish in their communication, education, creativity, sports, manners and discipline, helping your children to become lovely well-rounded little beings.

2. The nanny loves being a nanny

The nature of most nannies is kind, caring and genuinely in love with their childcare duties, usually with an instinctive maternal side. The role of a nanny is so varied and important, planning, implementing and reporting back to the parents on a daily basis with the child’s progress genuinely loving seeing the progress your children are making and seeing happy and relaxed parents gives a nanny a real sense of pride and job satisfaction.

3. Diligence

A great nanny shows absolute diligence and respect to the requirements of the family. They take time to understand the fine details of how the parents like things to be done and also provide thorough details on what he/she does with the children throughout their time with the children.
For a parent it’s truly rewarding to know that, not only are their requirements being taken into consideration they are also informed and aware of all the activities taking place with their child(s). You know your nanny is a keeper when they have a structure and have everything planned out.

4. Patience

A good nanny is always patient. They listen to their charges and acknowledge their needs. Understanding that children need to be taken care of feeling at ease and a patient and kind nanny will always consider the child’s feelings before their own, especially in times the child may be upset about something, no matter how small an issue it may seem to an adult mind.

5. First Aid Trained
For all us parents knowing that our child is being cared for by a nanny who is First Aid Trained is a big bonus, this for obvious reasons takes a huge weight off the parent’s mind, knowing that the nanny is able to know what to do in an emergency situation.

6. A great nanny is respectful of the family’s privacy and is sensitive to any personal issues that may arise.
This is particularly important when you have a live in nanny who is petty much around all the time. A good nanny is one that knows to keep her professionalism no matter what the situation around her is. A great nanny sees herself as a professional, takes pride on what she does, and that shows in her everyday disposition. A good nanny will become part of your family, so they need to be someone who ‘feels’ like someone you would want to be part of the family. The confidentiality of your family affairs should be of utmost importance.

What kind of nanny would fit well within your family?

7. A great nanny ensures they has plenty of energy and can keep up with the children she looks after.
Children are not easy work and if you have dedicated your time as a nanny then you know what you have got yourself into. Therefore a nanny ensures she is full of energy for her shift, happy and creates a great vibe in the family home.

8. A great nanny understands the importance of nutrition for children and can prepare simple meals.
It is particularly important for the parent to see that the nanny understands that a child needs to have a healthy, nutritious and balanced food routine, as it does not only affect a child’s energy but also has a great influence on their mind set and overall well being.

9. A great nanny knows when to speak up about anything that may affect the wellbeing of the children she looks after.
Every parent loves a nanny who listens as well as speaks up when it comes to well-being of their child. This should go both ways between the employer and employee if you are to have a wonderful, longstanding relationship with your child’s nanny. The employer should ensure they are approachable and give the nanny time to speak about any issues that may arise, without the nanny feeling as though they are being a burden.

10. Multitasking Legends
Your nanny might have more then one child to care for and this means several things happening simultaneously. She might be able to cook dinner for the older kids while feeding the baby and helping out with homework. Even with only one child, she must be able to do several things at once, so the ability to handle multiple things happening at once is a must and we believe nannies and mothers are the masters of multi tasking!

11. Your kids can’t stop talking about all the wonderful things she says and does.
You may find a nanny who can do everything well and when she/he truly enjoys being in the company of children, your kids will know it. The love of her/his career will shine through every day she/he is with your child.

12. Your nanny comes up with creative solutions to problems and works with you to provide the best possible care for your child.

Nannies are great at coming up with creative solutions for kids. If your child has run out of paint, for example, she’ll find some household supplies your child can use that are safe and fun. If your child isn’t sleeping, she’ll turn to you for advice and help or research ways for you to discuss a way to resolve the problem and get your child back into routine in no time. It shows that she takes her job seriously when she both takes the initiative and collaborates with you.

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