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Why hire a Governess?

A Governess concentrates on the intellectual and social development of your child. They focus on the upbringing of your child and their education, rather than nursery duties, and will often support areas such as music, arts or sports. She will also implement a structure and plan into your child’s life, in order to accelerate the pace at which they are able to become bilingual.
A Governess creates an enjoyable and stimulating environment for your child to gain confidence in their own abilities through play and structured lessons. There is also a real focus on etiquette, manners, discipline and culture.
Governesses are educated with a university education and often hold additional childcare and or governess training qualifications.
Governesses enjoy both aspects of childcare and tutoring. A Governess usually works with children aged 7 upwards.

English Governess

Duties of a governess

Our experienced and educated high profile governesses focus on the educational aspect of childcare including emotional, intellectual and physical development of your children through immersive games, sit-down lessons and well-planned age-appropriate activities.

Assisting parents with the upbringing of their children

A Governess is employed to assist with the care, education and mentoring a child(ren) within a private household whether your children are home-schooled or not .

Promoting cognitive development in children

A Governess will enhance your child’s academic and social development engaging them and assisting them in age appropriate activities, creating unique lesson plans and helping with homework.

Accompanying children to extra-curricular activities

A Governess will accompany your children to extra-curricular activities as well as organise fun, educational and interesting outings.

Promoting and developing a child's talents and skills

A Governess often offers additional advantages that they can offer in the education of your children. A second language, musical talent, sporting gift or artistic flare.

Implementing and teaching good manners and etiquette

A Governess is well educated, presented and spoken and promotes awareness of good manners, etiquette and the importance good behaviour.

Accompanying children on family holidays

A Governess will more often than not be asked to travel with the family so that the children do not miss out on important time for fun and educational activities.

Working Hours of a Governess

The working hours of a Governess very much depend on the requirements of the family. In general most governesses work between 8-10 hours per day 5 days per week. These hours are usually split between assisting with the children in the morning and then again after school hours. Alternatively, a Governess can be offered a Rota schedule where she may work some weeks on/off.

English Governess

Salary of a High Profile Governess

We will find a perfect Governess for your family

Great British Nannies is a high profile agency that provides governesses to VIP families including royalty across the globe. Our dedication to work, values and company ethics is why we are a top choice high profile childcare agency whereby we are trusted by our clients and continue to receive positive feedback, referrals and repeat customers for our highly qualified and professional VIP governesses.

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Types of childcare specialists

English Governess


A Governess is well-educated child carer that works with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

British Governor


A Governor is the male equivalent of a Governess, carrying the same duties including working with children between 6-16 years helping them academically in other areas such as in music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners.

English Tutor


A Tutor gives your child personal academic tuition on a variety or single subject to enhance their skills and confidence in the chosen area. Including exam preparation and school/university entry.

English Nanny


A nanny works with babies and children up to 8 years old. They take care of all nursery activities, feeding and hygiene for children.

Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse is qualified and experienced to work with mother and baby from birth up to 6 months. Supporting throughout all stages of the baby’s initial development.



A Manny carries out the same duties as a nanny and works with the same age group. Depending on whether you would prefer a male or female candidate is an individual preference.