What are the Benefits of Online Courses for Governesses?


March, 2023

Online learning has been growing in popularity for years, for good reason. The benefits, from low cost to flexibility are clear. One huge benefit is the ability to select exactly what you need to learn for your professional development and have instant access to top professionals in your field. For governesses, this opportunity to upgrade knowledge and skills can have huge benefits in terms of career advancement and job satisfaction. 


Online learning offers a level of flexibility in schedule that traditional face to face courses simply can’t offer. For career governesses this is particularly important as working hours tend to be less traditional. Rota contracts, evening hours and long breaks in the middle of the day are common, and online learning at your own pace enables you to get the best out of your schedule. Your student has a piano lesson? Great time for keeping yourself active and engaged with your learning. 

More Flexibility

Online learning is also hugely flexible in terms of environment. You can work from anywhere – your living room in PJs, your favourite coffee shop, London, Moscow, or Dubai. Again, this makes online learning a particularly effective option for nannies and governesses. Working for VIP families often entails international travel and virtual learning platforms mean your access to education is constant. You are also connected to a global network of professionals in your field, wherever you are. You can communicate with your teachers and fellow students globally – enabling international collaboration and communication despite working alone. 

Enables growth in specific areas

Professional development is important in any field. Teachers are given several full days a year and dedicated time throughout the week to continue learning and developing their skills. Governess work requires a similarly high level of skill and knowledge, but access to ongoing professional development is not a given as they are essentially freelance. The responsibility to continue to develop and grow in your practice falls on you. Online courses offer a cost effective and convenient way to take charge of your own growth. 

Stand out in a crowd

The perks of governess work are plentiful and the best jobs attract a large number of applications. Making your application stand out from the crowd is essential in landing your dream job. Having relevant professional development on your CV shows a level of dedication that is important to families; they want to know that the person they trust their kid’s development to is serious and committed. Being able to demonstrate a clear record of ongoing professional learning is a great way to show this commitment. 

Online courses are a cost effective and flexible way to develop your skills as a career governess. They give you control over your learning and connect you to a global community of like-minded child-carers and educators. If you are looking to carry out a specialised course in Governessing, why not check out Great British Nannies Governess Course, to explore our topics, ranging from cultural differences to writing a great CV

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