Thinking about a career change? Why not becoming a nanny!


December, 2019

Is becoming a nanny right for you? Perhaps you’re moving to a new country and need to find a way to make a living – but let’s face it, no one goes into childcare for the money alone. It’s a real vocation, and at the very least you have to enjoy spending a lot of your time with young children.

TOP 10 perks of being a Nanny

1. You get to have fun every day

Having fun is one of the main functions of working with children. No kid wants to sit inside quietly all day, and you’ll get to invent new games, take them to the zoo, create dens out of cushions and be plain old silly like you’re a kid again yourself.

2. You’ll teach children (almost) everything

Sure, their parents might claim it’s their genes, but you know a big part of their walking and talking is because you’ve put the hours in. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing kids learn new skills because you’ve shown them how. Whether that’s reading, cartwheels, even their first words or just throwing a ball.

3. You can hand them back

Kids are great, however, it can be exhausting chasing after them all day. As a governess you get to have all the fun of playing games and planning outdoor activities, but you also get to hand them back at the end of the day and can go and live a footloose and fancy free life again once you’re off duty.

4. You have the freedom to relocate anywhere

Nannies are needed all over the world, so it’s a great skill to have if you want to travel and see new countries, especially if you can teach the kids English. A great way to do this is to get yourself a TEFL certification.

5. No two days are the same

As a nanny, every day is different, however much you might try to have a routine. In most cases it means you need to be flexible with your plans, and this can be much more fun than a boring office job.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

6. You get to be a child again

Nothing is more fun than forgetting you’re an adult, and running around having a water fight or playing hide and seek. It takes a lot of energy and it’s a lot of fun too.

7. You can make a difference

Kids are easily influenced, and the values you teach them can last a lifetime. You have the power to teach them to be kind, respectful and polite.

8. It’s a great experience

Whether you plan to have kids yourself or not, being a governess is a great experience that will teach you life skills. You’ll also get to become part of another family and learn from them.

9. Save on rent

If you’re a live-in nanny or a governess you will be provided with accommodation by the family, which will allow you to save a considerable amount of money on rent and bills, meaning you can save that towards creating your dreams for the future, whether that be travelling, buying a house etc.

10. You will love it

In most cases, you’ll grow to love the kids you look after, and they will love you back! The only downside is that it makes it very hard to say goodbye.

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