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      Celebrate the Holidays with some Enid Blyton Inspired Fun & Goodness


      August, 2019

      This month we celebrate the birthday of great British author Enid Blyton and her much loved literary works. Amongst her most celebrated of collections is The Famous Five which feature the adventures of a group of young children – Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina – and their dog Timmy who love to spend their holidays biking and hiking, camping and exploring. Sounds like fun doesn’t it! We’ve come up with some ideas to sprinkle some Famous Five inspired magic into your summer break.

      Seek out a Secret Island

      Pack up your torches, maps and sandwiches and head off on a thrilling adventure! Get inspired by the Famous Five’s quest to Kirrin Island and build excitement for your trip by reading about their summer holiday fun. Of course a Secret Island doesn’t have to require a long car journey if you don’t have the time or transportation. Your secret island can exist at the bottom of the garden or at a local community park. Through using our imaginations, we can have a wonderfully magical time without even venturing far from home.

      Create Some Pirate Themed Fun & Games

      The Famous Five gang love to outwit thieves and muster the courage to fight for good over bad. Role playing with your children is a great way to secure positive core values and a belief in the power of doing the right thing. Use themes from the books to allow your children an opportunity to show how love, honesty and kindness triumphs every time! Get the dressing up box out and create a magical make-shift ship and set sail on a magical voyage of discovery.

      Visit a Lighthouse

      Lighthouses really are magical places and also serve as a beautiful reminder of how we can be like a lighthouse. In our modern world there may be darkness and negativity but we always have the power to shine our light anyway. A reminder to not try to rescue, save or get involved in directly helping all of the time because this means that our light can fade. We can remind our children that being a lighthouse means that you stand tall and shine anyway, you light the path of love, hope and happiness for all to see.

      Have Some Farm Yard Fun

      Children love spending time with animals and though sometimes we adults might not believe we get as much of a kick out of it as the little ones, we secretly do J The love of animals all began with Old MacDonald and no matter our age, we never forget deep down that animals are our friends. Share your love and care with the animals and if it’s permitted you might like to feed them too. Feeding an animal or another person before eating ourselves is a powerful reminder to treat others as we would wish to be treated and cultivates a strong sense of gratitude. Pack up a delicious picnic to enjoy and you might even like to go strawberry picking!

      When your Famous Five inspired day of adventure is over and you head back home for supper and snuggles, ask your children what they enjoyed most about the day. Talk as a family about the highlight moments, the things that made their hearts feel warm and glowing inside. Then your little ones will head off to slumber land with happy minds and ready to have sweet dreams.

      We’d love to hear all about your Famous Five inspired adventures this summer! As always we love to hear from you. Tag us in your stories over on Instagram, it’ll make our day.

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